About Kim


 Hey there . . . You got a minute? I’d love to share beyond the tightly written bio with the professional bullet points. I’d rather be more personal . . . which is why I took the picture to the right.

This is my view every day. Not the flowers—I only buy those on occasion. But the Bible and laptop? That’s me. Every day. You could say they’re my passion.

I love the Word of God. I became a believer at 27, over twenty years ago, and I knew next to nothing about the Bible. But over the past fifteen years, in particular, I’ve studied daily with my colored pencils . . . and coffee. Bible goes well with coffee.

I know firsthand the power of the Word to renew and transform, to heal and restore, to convict and strengthen. It does all those things and more in me. Continually. And also in me is this irresistible urge to share the wonder of this amazing truth with others.

Which is where my laptop comes in.

I can’t remember a time I didn’t write, from notebooks full of poetry and song lyrics as a schoolgirl to briefs to the court as a litigating attorney. But I couldn’t have imagined God calling me to write for Him.

I was on maternity leave with my firstborn, praying about the type of home-based business I could start, because I knew the Lord was tugging on my heart to be home with him. I took a trip to Barnes & Noble, got a book on home-based businesses, and started praying about what product I could bring to the marketplace. Then one day in the middle of church, the Lord spoke clearly to my heart—and completely redirected me. He wasn’t calling me to make widgets. People needed salvation, and He wanted me to write about my spiritual journey.


A book? I didn’t know anything about writing books, and this was before such newfangled things as blogs and Google searches. I started praying again, drove back to Barnes & Noble, and picked up, “How to Write a Book Proposal.”   Wrote my proposal and mailed out a few query letters, prepared to endure mass rejection for months.   But within a week, I had a top agent, and within a month, a publishing contract. In His graciousness, the Lord let me know in a powerful way that He was in this. More Christian Than African-American was published in 1999, and a couple months later, I left my career as an attorney to be home with my son and baby girl.

And to write. Trust me, I was excited about having more hours to write.

God has a sense of humor.

He redirected me once again. Writing got moved to the back burner as the Lord let me know this was a season to simply be home with my little ones. But during naptimes, I found my passion—studying the Bible inductively. My life was being transformed daily, and I had this ever-growing desire for three things—to know God more deeply, to live full-on for Him, and to be used by Him to ignite a passion in others for His Word.

Meanwhile, my agent wanted me to consider writing fiction. She was starting a new publishing company—Walk Worthy Press—and based on my memoir, thought I should give it a try.

“Fiction?” I said. “Nah, I can’t see it.”

I just knew . . . if I wrote another book, it would be nonfiction. Something to help women grow spiritually. Maybe one day a Bible study. Definitely not fiction.

A couple years later, the Lord put a woman on my heart. I could see her clearly, her family, her issues, her need to be changed by the truth of the Word. And I couldn’t shake her.

“Fiction, Lord? Are you serious? But I don’t know how to write fiction.”

The faith-walk started again. Writing started again, along with those writing prayers.

And I got my first laptop.

That woman with the issues became Treva in Heavenly Places, my first novel . . . published by Walk Worthy Press in 2008. And as God would have it, there was a cast of women in a bible study in the novel, being changed by the book of Ephesians.

From the time I began writing Heavenly Places in 2004 until now, my laptop has stood open with some work in progress on the screen—even as I’ve homeschooled during that same time.

Following the Lord has led to paths I couldn’t have foreseen. I went on to write several novels for Thomas Nelson, which led to speaking with Women of Faith in 2010 and 2011. I’ve been able to share my journey on The 700 Club, The Harvest Show, Janet Parshall’s America, The Chris Fabry Show, and others. And recently, I led women’s ministry at my local church for close to two years, teaching original bible studies weekly.

At present—so many years later—I’m finally working on that nonfiction book. At my laptop. With my Bible open.

I have had seasons of trial, disappointment, and heartache, but by God’s grace, my desire for those three things remains—to know Him more deeply, to live full-on for Him, and to be used by Him to ignite a passion in others for His Word.

What else about me? I was born and raised in the D.C. metropolitan area, went kicking and screaming to Madison, Wisconsin, and was blind-sided there by the love of my Savior, Jesus Christ, who saved me and changed me forever.

My husband Bill and I have been married almost twenty-three years, and those little ones are now older teens, my firstborn in his first year of college. St. Louis has been home for more than a decade.

If you’ve stuck with this till the end, thank you! I hope you stick around even longer here on the blog. We’ve covered a lot of ground over the years. Shared a lot of stories. Encouraged, prayed, cried, and rejoiced . . . all in an effort to color our lives in Christ—to fix our eyes on Him and glorify Him no matter where we are or what we do. You’ll see a button to the right of the page where you can subscribe and join us. I’m hoping you do!