This I Know . . .

January 25, 2017

Cling (This I Know)

Last week I was reading a few Psalms and this verse jumped out at me:

“This I know, that God is for me” (Psalm 56:9).

As awesome as it is to know “that God is for me,” the first three words are what grabbed me—this I know.

Those three words strengthen me time and again. Those three words help me to cling to God in every situation. In particular, when challenges arise, I always ask myself, What do I know to be true?

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Join the CLING Launch Team

January 17, 2017

Cling Launch Team

It’s almost here!  Cling: Choosing a Lifestyle of Intimacy with God releases March 1, 2017. In addition to the book, there will be a 6-session DVD study, which also releases on the same date.

As I’ve shared, cling is a word that has been on my heart for years, a frequent cry of my heart—Lord, help me to cling to You. That prayer arose as I studied Deuteronomy and was swept away by that one word in these verses:

“You shall fear the LORD your God; you shall serve Him and cling to Him, and you shall swear by His name.” Deuteronomy 10:20

“You shall follow the LORD your God and fear Him; and you shall keep His commandments, listen to His voice, serve Him, and cling to Him.” Deuteronomy 13:4

That word had apparently become such a part of me that it even worked itself into one of my novels. Continue Reading…



December 22, 2016

It’s been three weeks since Though I Stumble released, and I’ve been so encouraged by the feedback. The overarching theme seems to be resonating, as people tell me that they are determined to keep running for Christ, even if they stumble. I praise God for that. In the months and months of writing, you wonder if you’re hearing from God, if the story is making sense, and whether anyone will be impacted by it. That’s always my prayer. Yes, I want my books to be entertaining—but I especially hope that they minister.

For those of you who are doing the companion In Hot Pursuit study, I pray that that has been a blessing as well. Video #4 is the last in the series. In this life, we will stumble. But are you determined to keep running?

Wishing you and yours a blessed Merry Christmas! May the love, joy, and peace of the season be yours in full measure.

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In Hot Pursuit—Be Free

December 16, 2016

“It was for freedom that Christ set us free . . .” (Galatians 5:1). As believers, though we’ve been set free in Christ, we can find ourselves in bondage once again in numerous ways. Video #3 in the series speaks to the need to free ourselves so that we can run unhindered.

May the Lord give us grace to run free!


In Hot Pursuit—Be Focused

December 8, 2016

If we want to effectively run for Christ, one of the first things we need to do is to “gird up.” Video #2 in the series talks about what that means, as well as other vital aspects to staying focused.

Praying the Lord gives us all grace to gird up and run well!


In Hot Pursuit ~ New Online Study

November 27, 2016

In my last post about the release of Though I Stumble, I said I was excited to share something more. Some of you may remember the study we did here on the blog called, In Hot Pursuit. Believe it or not, that was nearly five years ago! It’s been on my heart to re-write that study in a more accessible way. I’m excited that by God’s grace, I was finally able to do it. A “mini-devotional study” with four lessons, it will be available for download as a companion to Though I Stumble on Friday, December 2. Continue Reading…


Now Available for Pre-Order: THOUGH I STUMBLE

November 18, 2016


I am so excited to finally show you all the other book I’ve been working on this year. I’ve been telling people it felt like I was operating out of different sides of my brain as I switched between nonfiction and fiction. But I have to say—it felt good being back in the fiction groove. Many of you know it’s been two years since my last novel (Hidden Blessings) was released. And for a time, especially after I got the contract for Cling, I prayed about whether God was calling me to give up fiction altogether. But when this story formed in my mind, I knew I had my answer. And I’m so glad! Continue Reading…


Cling Bible Study Shoot—Behind the Scenes

October 21, 2016


I had an amazing time filming the sessions for the Cling bible study in Traverse City, Michigan, this week. I had to share about it because God has been so present every step of the way, beginning with the idea to do a bible study. It wasn’t my idea or my agent’s. Soon after I received a contract to write the book Cling, one of the editors at Discovery House Publishers said she thought it would also make a great bible study. She presented it to the media side of the ministry (Our Daily Bread Ministries) to see if they would be interested in the project. A few weeks later, it was a go. Just like that. All God.

In June, Julie Richardson flew down to see me. She’s a producer with Our Daily Bread, and said she wanted to get to know me a little and hear my heart about the project. We spent an entire day together (plus dinner the evening before), talked about ideas for the filming, and even spent time in prayer for the Cling bible study—that God would give direction, clarity, and wisdom for the project, that He would use it to impact each person who picks it up, and so much more. I was blown away by her Spirit-led leadership, and by the company’s willingness to invest time and resources into the project in that way. All God.

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{New Video} 3 Things You Should be Doing with Grace

September 25, 2016

Grace Sign 2I’m hyper aware of my need for grace. I don’t think a day goes by without thinking about grace and praying for grace. Maybe it’s because, as a writer, I hit enough walls trying to figure out where to go next, what word fits just right, how to sync several plot threads . . . Or maybe because I’m quick to get an attitude or react with wrong words. And then there are the thoughts I don’t want to think and feelings I don’t want to feel (don’t you hate when you “feel” offended or slighted or anxious . . . and you really don’t want to?).

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