How I Cling to God (8 ways)

April 17, 2018

Sharing 8 ways I personally cling to God. It’s not a perfect list (I’m a work in progress), but praying it encourages as you seek to draw near to Him.



April 15, 2018

We have come to the end of Second Samuel! Unfortunately, it doesn’t end on a note of praise or great victory in battle . . . but sin and judgment. Still, we are thankful for the lessons learned in this book on the life of David and others, and especially thankful for what we have learned about God and how to cling to Him. I pray this study has been a blessing to you!

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The Book of James – #comestudywithme

April 3, 2018


I know that a good number of you are not on social media, so I wanted to share a post from yesterday.  I’ve gotten questions about what’s next, now that we’re nearing the end of Second Samuel. This post speaks to that. Although I am not moving directly into another Bible study on YouTube, I do plan to do more topical teaching videos. I have not had a chance to do those lately—“When God Doesn’t Seem Faithful” was the last one—so I look forward to that.  If you want to join the study of James, you can follow me here:



With the CLING YouTube study in First & Second Samuel winding down, I’d been praying about what’s next.  My plan was to take a break from online studies and prepare for the Cling Conference (while writing book #4 in the series).  But the Lord is moving me a different way.  I’m always studying a book of the Bible regardless.  And up next is a fresh in-depth study of James. Probably one of the questions I’m asked most is how do I study.  So I’m moved to simply share the process, thoughts, insights, gleanings… I move slowly through this book.

If you’ve followed the CLING YouTube study, this will be different. For one, it will be based primarily on Instagram (posting to my Facebook page as well).  Also, I won’t be covering a chapter per week.  I study daily, so I’ll post more often, in smaller bits.  I may spend three days breaking down one verse from different angles.  I envision utilizing impromptu video and  insta-stories as well.

Why an entire book?  For the past eighteen years, I’ve focused on studying one book of the Bible at a time. My heart’s desire is to know God and to know His will as revealed in His word—and to be continually transformed by that. Studying an entire book in context is key.  And there’s no “been there, done that” with respect to a book of the Bible.  These are living words.  No matter how many times I’ve studied a particular book, it blesses, strengthens, changes, convicts, and speaks in a fresh way.

I invite you to #comestudywithme.  James is a hard-hitting book, and I don’t have to wonder if I’ll be convicted.  But I know blessings will abound as well.  And this is a CLING study.  So as we study, we will seek to know God better and cling to Him.  As James 4:8 says:  “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

When do we start?  Now.  I will post as led.  And this is #comestudyWITHme.  So I’ll look forward to your thoughts and insights as well. Let’s dive in!