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January 27, 2018


I’m excited to bring you Book #3 in the Promises of God series! A trouble-free life isn’t promised. The road gets bumpy once again . . .

Join Cyd, Lance, Jillian, Jordyn, Tommy, and others as they discover that no one is immune to temptation. But will they learn the truth of God’s promise—that there’s always a way of escape?

WHEN I’M TEMPTED will be released February 6, 2018 in print and ebook. Right now, you can pre-order the Kindle version here:  Pre-orders on other platforms should be available next week.

Truly praying this book is a blessing to you!



December 20, 2017

I’m excited to share with you this Promises of God Novella, which takes place at Christmas, between books 2 and 3 in the series. (So if you haven’t yet read If I Believe, hold off on reading this novella.)

Here is a brief synopsis:

Faith Langston has made her choice as to whom she loves. But when the love of her life goes home just before Christmas and runs into his first love—he’s faced with choices of his own.

Promises of God Book 3 will be released the first part of next year. But I’m hoping you enjoy this little treat in the meanwhile!

The e-book is available for download on several platforms.  Here is an Amazon link:  az-logo



July 31, 2017


Today’s the day! If I Believe is now available! This is book #2 in the “Promises of God” series. You can download as an e-book or purchase a paperback copy. Here are a few links:


Barnes & Noble



Hoping you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it! And as always, I pray the book is a blessing to you.


Now Available for Pre-Order: IF I BELIEVE (A Promises of God Novel ~ Book 2)

July 18, 2017


I’m so excited to bring you Book #2 in the Promises of God series!  Continue the journey with friends from THOUGH I STUMBLE while getting to know a couple of new characters as well.

IF I BELIEVE will be released August 1, 2017, in print and ebook. Right now, you can pre-order the Kindle version here:  It should be available on other platforms for pre-order shortly.

Some aspects of this story have been on my heart for a good while.  Looking forward to sharing this latest labor of love!

“All things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23).


Now Available for Pre-Order: THOUGH I STUMBLE

November 18, 2016


I am so excited to finally show you all the other book I’ve been working on this year. I’ve been telling people it felt like I was operating out of different sides of my brain as I switched between nonfiction and fiction. But I have to say—it felt good being back in the fiction groove. Many of you know it’s been two years since my last novel (Hidden Blessings) was released. And for a time, especially after I got the contract for Cling, I prayed about whether God was calling me to give up fiction altogether. But when this story formed in my mind, I knew I had my answer. And I’m so glad! Continue Reading…


CLING: Choosing a Lifestyle of Intimacy with God {Coming Soon}

September 8, 2016


I am so excited to be able to finally tell you why I’ve been ignoring this blog. ;-) I’ve been working on two book projects, a nonfiction book and a novel. My nonfiction title is shown here, to be released March 2017 by Discovery House Publishers—CLING: Choosing a Lifestyle of Intimacy with God.

Last December, I blogged here about how my agent emailed me and asked if I would consider writing a nonfiction book proposal. He’d seen my YouTube videos, uploaded to a channel I’d almost shut down, but I digress . . . When I prayed about it, the word “cling” came hard and fast to my heart.

Continue Reading…


Breast Cancer Awareness & Hidden Blessings

October 8, 2015

Hidden BlessingsBreast Cancer Awareness

Hidden Blessings released over a year ago, and typically a book is promoted for only a short while. So I was thrilled to hear from the publisher last week that it would be featured for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From October 8 until October 11, Hidden Blessings has been discounted to $1.99 across all eBook platforms, such as Kindle, Nook, iTunes, CBD, Kobo, etc.

I was grateful for this endorsement on the cover of the book from breast cancer survivor and author, Carrie Stuart Parks: “Hidden Blessings is a beautifully written, deeply moving story about a woman going through breast cancer. It reaffirms God’s lifting us up through our darkest times. I highly recommend this book and this author.”

If you have not had a chance to read it, or perhaps desire to gift it to someone else, now is a great opportunity to do so. I truly pray it blesses.

You can click these links to find the book on Kindle and Nook.


Books, in hot pursuit


February 21, 2012


We are in hot pursuit.  We know where we’ve been, and we know where we’re going—pressing on “toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:14).  We may not know the twists and turns of the journey, but we’re looking to Jesus, “the author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2).  In Him, we have eternal life.  Our course is set.

But as we run this race, there are people all around us who are on a different course.  They may appear to be in good shape.  They may even appear successful.  But without Christ, they are without hope and “without God in the world” (Ephesians 2:12).  They are dead in their “trespasses and sins” (Ephesians 2:1).  And “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23).

As we run this race in hot pursuit, we have a divine obligation to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others.  We should have a heart for the lost to join us in this race.

The gospel message sits at the core of our faith.  It literally means “good news”—the good news that Jesus, the Son of God, died for our sins; that when we repent, our sins are forgiven; and that “if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved” (Romans 10:9).  Despite what the world would have us believe, “there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).  Yet, this is where we need to be strong and courageous as we run our race, willing to face persecution and rejection as we proclaim the truth.  We must be unashamed:

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes . . .”  Romans 1:16

Stop and think.  When was the last time you shared the gospel with someone?

I have shared the gospel with people who rejected the message, arguing that there is more than one way to heaven.  I have shared the gospel with people who said it was fine if that’s what I wanted to believe, but they weren’t into “all that.”  And I have shared the gospel with people who wept, cried out for forgiveness, and believed.  Many times as the Holy Spirit has prompted me to share the good news, I’ve gotten a simultaneous prompt from the enemy toward fear.  They’ll think you’re a nut.  They’re going to shoot you down.  They’ll laugh in your face.  And I confess that I have delayed as a result, losing the opportunity.  But I want my foremost disposition to be this:  unashamed.

We don’t have to fear people’s response.  In love and with the leading of the Holy Spirit, we share from our hearts . . . and we leave the results to God.

It is freeing when we realize we don’t have to worry about the result.  We plant the seed, or we might be watering seeds that have already been planted.  And God is the one who gives the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6-8).  What’s awesome is that a person may reject the message today, yet down the road, God may use the seeds we’ve planted to bring them into the Kingdom.  Down the road, we may look up and see that same person running alongside us.  The love of God should compel us to want to see them running alongside us.  The love of God compels us to be unashamed.

Are you comfortable sharing the gospel?  Do you fear rejection?