Heavenly Places

Heavenly Places

September 6, 2014
Real heavenly Places

Real heavenly Places

Treva Langston has always felt inferior, thanks to her mother. She found her worth in a career, with success…until it was gone.

Now her life has suddenly been turned upside down. Without her high-powered job, she has returned with her family to her hometown and all the memories of heartache she’s fought to escape.

Worse, she’s near her mother again, who hasn’t changed. Beset with feelings of unworthiness, she’s filled with despair, until her sister coaxes her into a women’s home Bible study.

Though Treva resists, and quits a couple of times, she comes to learn the importance of family, the blessing of friendship, and the powerful truth that conquers a lifetime of lies.

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“I not only enjoyed reading Kim Cash Tate’s Heavenly Places, I was moved to act! It inspired me to begin a Bible study much like the one portrayed in her book. That says a lot about Kim as an author. She is a rare breed who both entertains AND inspires change!”
Mandisa, Contemporary Christian artist, author, and American Idol finalist

“I have read hundreds, if not thousands, of books during my lifetime. But never has a book, outside of the Bible, affected me as much as Heavenly Places did. I hated Treva’s character at first, and almost gave up on reading this book. But I was convicted within my spirit to keep reading, and I am so glad I did. The message in this book is so powerful that I was moved to tears many times and compelled me to both reassess my priorities in life and immerse myself deeper into God’s Word.

This novel, which quickly became one of top five all time favorite reads, is a must read for everyone. Whether your life is in shambles or it is going good and you have no complaints, there is a message, a vital message that you can take away from it.”
Renee Williams, All the Buzz

“Tate has mastered the craft of storytelling. She painstakingly develops characters, carefully describes settings and emotions while delicately connecting scriptures that will soften any heart. The storyline is engaging, poignant and filled with God’s Holy Word. This is a must read for anyone looking for direction, inspiration and loves the Lord. Select this book for your book club, women’s group or yourself – we all need God’s divine intervention and you may find what you need between the covers of this book.”
Reviewing for Real Page Turners

“Tate creates a great combination of a wonderful story and bible study. The main character seemed as if she would never come around. I found myself not liking her much. But as the story went on, Tate made sure that you understood Treva’s point of view. You slowly began to love her and root for her to find that heavenly place. Entertaining, inspirational and abundantly filled with the truth of the Word, I definitely recommend this book for a pleasure read or even to read with your own bible study group.”
Donnica Copeland
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