Ephesians Series

Ephesians Series

September 18, 2014
Susan Keller Photography

My understanding of who I am in Christ, what I have in Christ, and how I am to walk worthy as a result—all became unshakeable once I studied Ephesians.  I was so rocked by it that I had to memorize it—and then wrote a novel, Heavenly Places, in which a group of women are transformed by it.

Over the years, I’ve been asked whether I’ve written an actual Ephesians study, such as the one depicted in the novel.  I haven’t.  But in early 2014, I was moved to do an 11-week teaching series on Ephesians through YouTube.  Whether you’ve studied the book before or aren’t too familiar with it, I pray the study will bless you.  Grab your pen and maybe a journal, and tune in!

The entire study can be found here.

You can watch Week 1 below:

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