April 24, 2017

In Chapter five of First Samuel, we see a key phrase—“the hand of the LORD” (“hand of God”; “God’s hand”). And it’s interesting because throughout the Psalms in my Bible, I’ve marked similar words—“God’s hand”; “God’s right hand.” His hand is powerful! We see a vivid illustration in this chapter, which will hopefully cause us to see the power of His hand in our own lives.

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  • Reply Laverne Brown April 24, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Wow when I first read this I thought is God knocking down this statue? But then when they sat it back up and it fell immediately these words came to mind every knee shall bow, every tongue confess.
    The Philistines remind me of the Israelites (I believe) who was grumbling about something and God killed thousands and then the people said we have disobeyed God, ya think!!!!

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