DESPERATE Series: Psalm 25

The blog discussion last week on Psalm 18 was incredible. (If you receive this in your inbox, I encourage you to hop over to the blog site to view the comments.) Many have shared that they’re feeling desperate—and have even shared their desperate situations. I’m so thankful for the transparency, and for the heart of the blog sisters to encourage, to pray for one another, and even to share testimonies of how the Lord brought them through a similar desperate situation. I praise God for the ministry that takes place right in the comments . . . and praying for Him to move in our midst this week.

Did anybody guess that I might do Psalm 25? I don’t know if it’s at the top of anyone else’s go-to list, but it’s been one of my favorites for years, for reasons I share in the video. I almost didn’t do this one, though. I have more go-to psalms than I’ll be able to cover, and I was favoring others on my list. But as I prayed (and as others of you prayed—thank you!), Psalm 25 is where God led me. Such good stuff in this psalm!

I won’t say much more since it’s in the video. But I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Psalm 25. Which verses grabbed your soul? Do you see the intimacy that God desires to have with you? Like David, are your eyes continually toward the Lord as you wait for Him (since we’re all usually waiting for something)?

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Looking forward to this week’s discussion!

59 Responses to “DESPERATE Series: Psalm 25”

  1. Mona says:

    Kim Kim Kim, you have hit sooooo many points that I must elaborate on when I get to my desk (I couldn’t wait to read and study this post I am actually viewing/reading from my phone). This is an EXCELLENT study session #2. JESUS. The revelations, insight and confirmation I’ve received have me in total awe of God and his awesomeness once again. It is just a blessing to my life how he answers AND how he is using you. God bless you Kim for being obedient and USABLE. I’LL BE BACK with my comments soon…….

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Mona, wow…I’m in total awe of God as well, that He would use this so profoundly in your life. When I think that I wasn’t planning to do Psalm 25… And how awesome that He would take one of the points from the lesson (that He desires an intimate relationship with us), and SHOW that in your life in a very personal way today. Thank you for sharing this, and for your encouragement. This truly blessed me! May He continue to lead you in His ways and paths. :)

      • Mona says:

        My goodness, I re-studied the post this morning and it felt as if I just read it for the very first time. I received some good nuggets from Psalms 25! I am also reminded of John 15:5: “Apart from me you can do nothing”. Makes me repent RIGHT THERE. EVERYTIME! Revelation #1-I’ve been doing my own thing. Attempting to handle my own life-the big and the small issues. Going through all that I’ve been through over the last 3 years I see where I messed up. I am living my life NOW in hot pursuit and desperate for God’s ways and paths! The statement “once you go vertical the horizontal changes” is Revelation #2. I’m so glad he wants me and delights for me to WANT to know his ways and paths. I have to do my part in order to grow in my understanding of his ways and paths. So grateful for his prompting in my spirit to getting back to him, keeping my eyes on him and staying vertical Kim. I’m staying vertical. In Jesus name!

        • Kim Cash Tate says:

          Mona, I’m fired up reading this :)…first, praise God for how He used Psalm 25 in your life! I love when I re-study something, and it’s like the first time. Those nuggets are priceless! As I read your comment, it is so evident that God is teaching you and leading you as only He can. He’s giving you insight into your ways and paths :) and showing you HIS ways and paths…all because He wants a closer walk with you. And how awesome that it’s leading you to a hot pursuit! I’m excited for you! And I can hear your excitement in your post. Yes, sis, keep your eyes on Him and STAY VERTICAL, in Jesus name! xoxo

  2. Deon A says:

    You touched on so many great points it’s hard to choose particular thing that stood out to me. I think for me just listening to you elaborating on Psalm 25 the theme that resonated is “confidence or trust” that God will deliver in desperate times.
    I was reminded of Isaiah 54:4 “Fear not, for you will not be ashamed;
    be not confounded, for you will not be disgraced;
    for you will forget the shame of your youth,
    and the reproach of your widowhood you will remember no more.”

    You highlighted David’s situation in verses 16-19, yet David says in verse 1 that he will not be anxious in this situation but lift up his soul and trust in God.

    I love verse 3 from the message bible where it just shows how desperate and willing David is to have God lead in this situation it’s says
    Psalms 25:3a
    I’ve thrown in my lot with you; (this phrase is such an encouragement bc at times we say we are trusting but we also want to help God, but David says no I give it all to you)

    And as a result he asks that God would then in verse 4 and 5 teach him and lead him
    Psalms 25:4-5 (message bible)
    Show me how you work, God;
    School me in your ways.
    Take me by the hand;
    Lead me down the path of truth.
    You are my Savior, aren’t you?

    And finally verse 21 left me in awe. David in the midst of his struggle says God I wait to see the ultimate plan you have for me when I get through this challenge.

    Psalms 25:21(message bible)
    Use all your skill to put me together;
    I wait to see your finished product.

    Again, I am so grateful for this study and feel so blessed to be apart of it. Looking forward to more and what all the blog sisters have to share

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Deon, I love the theme that resonated with you…”‘confidence or trust’ that God will deliver in desperate times”…and the link to Isaiah 54:4…yes! This assurance that God gives us is water for a parched soul. And this–>”I’ve thrown in my lot with you”…ahhh, I love that! As you said, giving it ALL to Him! I’m not reserving this part over here or trying to formulate my own backup plan…I’m TRUSTING you!

      The wording in verses 4-5 from the Message Bible is awesome. I hadn’t read it before but I often think of God “schooling me”…and the beauty of it is that He knows the exact learning style of each of us! I could meditate on those verses all day…they get me excited.

      Verse 21…awed indeed. I didn’t focus on it much in the video, but I also highlight “wait” in my Bible because it’s such an ever-present part of our walk. David says twice in this psalm that he’s waiting for God, in such a restful, confident way, with ALL the struggles he’s enduring. There’s much I can learn from that.

      I’m grateful that you’re part of this study as well! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights with us. You’re a real blessing!

    • Danielle says:

      Oh, Deon, thanks for sharing this v21: “Use all your skill to put me together; I wait to see your finished product.”

      I love the way that is phrased! Powerful and beautiful…..

      • MrsTrip98 says:

        I agree! We are diamonds in the rough, and only GOD’s craftsmanship can bring out our brilliance that we adorn when we are with Him in eternity. Thanks for the reminder :-)

  3. Tamara Davis says:

    Hi family! I’ll be back later on today after I’ve watched the video and soaked it all in. Have a great day everybody!

  4. Phyllis Abernathy says:

    This desperate series is so needed. It helps me to remember that God will take me where ever I am supposed to go. That I don’t have to depend on my own knowledge or wit or ask my friends or relatives, I can go straight to the Source. The One who created me and knows all things about me. He knew me in my worst sin, yet still loved me and brought me out of the pit of hell I was headed into. Every area of my life has been for a specific reason and while I was there I could not understand it, but once out of that place of what seemed at the time pure torment, I found it was all for my good. I was a police officer and there were times I wondered what am I doing here, but through the years I have run into people that I had to arrest and they said you saved me that night. And I know it had nothing to do with me it was all God. He was the One showing me the way. And I was certainly desperate. Kim thank you for letting God use you and show you the way. God bless you.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Phyllis, this is so true and so good–>”…God will take me where ever I am supposed to go.” That’s that trust! When you’re looking to Him and asking Him to show you His ways and paths, He will lead you. It might not make sense, and in the waiting, it can even seem like He’s not answering…but God is always working. Friends and relatives are well-meaning, and I’m thankful for the godly counsel I receive from my friends, but there’s NOTHING like going to the Source. You said it well, that He’s the one who created you and knows you…who better to lead you? I love that you’ve received clarity about areas of your life and how God was using you…and how awesome that people have told you how an arrest saved them! Thanks so much for joining the study and sharing your thoughts. God bless you too!

  5. Tamara Davis says:

    What another great post! What keeps me giddy is that when I go through these Psalms in the study, I see verses that I forgot I already underlined! It’s like finding a Christmas present. In this Psalm vs 4-5 were ones that I prayed for several months over the Spring when I was dealing with a situation that required me to wait and get some clarity. I’d never been in that place before so I was feeling like a failure because I thought I didn’t hear God right. During that time, I was also I introduced to Psalms 37:23 which talked about the steps of a good man being ordered and God delighting in our way. I lost faith that God WANTED to lead me. I looked up the original meaning of path or way (can’t recall which one right now) and it illuminated just how much God wants to direct and guide us. This has been a year of seeking the Lord, praying for HIS wisdom and understanding like never before. I made the critical mistake of adding my own understand to His wisdom. Er uh…that will not ever work. Ask me how I know….LOL

    I am enjoying this study and I do hope the Lord leads you to do Psalms 27. :)

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Tamara, I’m over here smiling at this…”What keeps me giddy is that when I go through these Psalms in the study, I see verses that I forgot I already underlined!” That’s so awesome. It IS like finding a Christmas present…the word of God is a treasure! And I love that you’ve prayed verses 4-5 too! About a month ago, as I was meditating on the fact that God was truly giving me understanding in a certain area, the Holy Spirit reminded me that I’ve prayed those verses and that this was an answer to that prayer. Blew my mind!

      “I lost faith that God WANTED to lead me”…when we lose sight of that, we definitely get stuck. Where else can we go? And that’s exactly where the enemy wanted you and where He wants all of us, to think that God has no interest in leading and guiding us….that He’s far off and uncaring. I love that Psalm 25 gives us the TRUTH that an all-powerful God wants to take us by hand and LEAD us. That is so amazing to me. Praise God that it’s been a year of seeking the Lord and praying for wisdom and understanding! (And we’ve probably all made that critical mistake…and felt the tap of the Holy Spirit on our shoulder like, “Um, excuse me?” :)) May you continue to grow in the knowledge of Him and His word in marvelous ways!

    • MrsTrip98 says:

      Hi Neighbor :-)

      I am finding Christmas presents in Psalms 25 as well. In the first post we studied Psalms 18 where I felt an important part was being assured that God would protect and deliver us. Now Psalms 25 reminds me to seek God’s guidance, ask for it, and know that I need it. Like you said, God doesn’t need me poking my fingers in anything. He has it all under control. In fact, he has me in the palm of his hand. So WHY do I think my itty bitty fingers can do anything to help a hand that is holding me? I don’t understand myself sometimes :-/

      • Tamara Davis says:

        Good morning! Hi neighbor!!! This is going sound real corny: Psalm 25…Christmas???!??!? LOL Yup, I’ll take that! LOL

        When you read the book of Proverbs, it also speaks of the importance of God’s wisdom and His understanding. James 3 also speaks of the importance of God’s wisdom and not the world’s. We have to seek Him. My pastor preached a message earlier this called “Ready, Set, Wait” where He talked about seeking God for the answer and WAITING to get one before we move, and only moving how/when He tells us! That is trust! Joshua was very good at this and so were other people in the bible who waited on the Lord and followed Him. They were successful in their undertakings.

        He’s certainly a God who’s more than capable :)

  6. Nichole Christian says:

    Kim, I’m so glad to have started my morning with today’s video and study. I spent the whole day reflecting, absorbing and silently praying verses 4-7.

    I find myself in a deep surrender phase, suddenly discovering/accepting how much I’ve been missing out by not seeking to know & experience God love’s for myself. In short, I am, as you describe so beautifully, desperate for his presence, to turn it ALL over to him. I could say that life’s kind of fallen apart but I think lately it’s being broken open, all by God’s design. He’s wanted my full attention for a long time. Now, he has it. I’ve been reading devotions on my own but this series gave me a taste of what it might feel like to be in good company.

    One of the things I’m praying is that as God shows me his ways, he’ll place the right church/community on my path. In the meantime, I look forward to your future posts.

    Deep thanks, Nichole

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Nichole! Thanks for sharing…..I LOVE the way you said this: “I could say that life’s kind of fallen apart but I think lately it’s being broken open, all by God’s design.” Such an awesome attitude, and it’s so true! Isn’t it funny how sometimes we are so stubborn/closed-off/etc.etc.etc. that God needs to break our happy little lives wide open to show us HIS paths? Hurts like crazy, but the end is always awesome, and then we look back and say “Oh, THAT’S why _____ happened.”

      Thanks again for that refreshing look at God using our desperateness for His glory!

      I pray that He sends just the right church/fellowship body into your life that you may dwell in the awesome worship of our great God. Bless you!!

      • Nichole Christian says:

        Thanks for your encouragement, Danielle.

        It’s so true that the process does “hurt like crazy.” But there is a sweetness, I’m learning, in the hope and the promise of his word. He has a plan more perfect than my puny little eyes could ever see!

        Thanks again, Nichole!

    • So great to see you here, BFF! God has been leading you in such awesome ways. He led you here to this great community and I KNOW He will lead you to the church/community that is just right for you. Love you much, girl.

      • Nichole Christian says:

        I thank God for you, Rhonda and the many ways you’ve whispered and shouted His goodness and grace to me over the years. It was you who first told me about this site about a year ago. I signed up for the emails, saw instantly why you loved it but still sat quiet. God’s timing is a wonder. So grateful for all that He’s allowed you to be in my life. Love you, love you.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Nichole! Welcome! :) First, I’m praising God that He used the video and study to move you to a day of “reflecting, absorbing and silently praying verses 4-7″…I know what a rich and soul-profitable time that had to be…that truly is the stuff of “deep surrender.” There’s so much in your post that moves me. I see how God is drawing you close, which often does come from life (seemingly) falling apart…and oh, I agree with Danielle…the eloquence with which you put this… “but I think lately it’s being broken open, all by God’s design.” YES…when you can SEE that, it’s God totally opening your eyes and bringing you to a new level of intimacy with Him. You said you were “suddenly discovering/accepting how much I’ve been missing out by not seeking to know & experience God love’s for myself”…I’m rejoicing with you in that discovery, because the discovery had led you to the seeking. There’s NOTHING like knowing and experiencing God’s love for yourself. So much is tied to that knowing…your entire life is tied to that knowing, and I don’t say that lightly. When you know and experience God’s love for yourself, it changes your relationship with God, of course (which is everything), and it also changes your relationships with others, your view of yourself, your view of your life…there’s nothing it won’t touch. And I know that just as He is leading and guiding you in the insight He’s giving, He will lead you and guide you to the church/community He desires for you. I’m praying for you and excited about what God is doing in your life.

      Thank you for joining THIS community of sisters and sharing your heart. Blessings to you!

      • Nichole Christian says:

        Kim, I’m grateful for your encouragement and your very obvious dedication to sharing God’s love. Your site truly saturates the spirit. No doubt God’s using you just as Rhonda has said in her raves about your work. I know God has a reason for guiding me here and for letting be so touched that I can’t sit silent. I’ve lost count of the years I thought I had to,or even could figure, it out FIRST. Trying more each day to be done wondering what He’s up to and instead to just be a student, a lover, of his wonders.

        Thanks again for the space and the prayers. He’s surely in the midst of it all.

    • Tamara Davis says:

      Welcome to this beautiful community of loving, caring and encouraging ladies! I pray that God will use this site as one way to pour into you so you can pour out to others.

  7. Danielle says:

    Ah, Kim…..another great study, AND you referenced my go-to battle verses, especially lately – Isaiah 55:8-9. YES!

    I must admit that Psalm 25 is not usually one that jumps to mind that I call on, but – like Tam (hey!!!!!) – I also found a lot of highlighting and notes in this one :)

    I am especially drawn to verse 7 (I did have a little rebellious streak in my younger days, and if EVERYONE could forget it, that would be fine with me!) and verses 16-17. I am waiting in faith, but it IS anguishing and I do feel lonely and afflicted. But, like David, my hope is in Him, and I take refuge in God.

    I have already grown as a result of this study…..bless you, Kim, for listening to God’s prompting to delve into this issue with us!!!

    Goodnight :)

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Danielle, this totally got me–>”my go-to battle verses…” sounds like another study! :) What do you even say about Isaiah 55:8-9?…two verses that check, astound, re-orient… Those are all-purpose verses…

      Ha…yep, I’ve got a lot of psalms that aren’t necessarily my go-to psalms, but they’ve got notes and highlighting. The richness of God’s word…treasure is found throughout! :)

      Verse 7…um, yeah…I’ve paused there many a time thanking God for delivering me from those “sins of my youth” and changing me. I don’t know why He chooses to remember us according to His lovingkindness rather than according to what we’ve gone…the goodness of God is amazing (I think I use that word “amazing” a lot, but I can’t help it…He just is:)) My dear sis, I know you are experiencing verses 16-17 in a very real way. I can’t imagine how “lonely and afflicted” you must feel, in your own home, every day. In my mind I picture you in His shelter, taking refuge in the midst, waiting. I can only thank God that “waiting” and “refuge” are not cliches we throw around, but that we know God’s power and grace are active in the waiting and the refuge. Even when you don’t yet see relief, you can see HIM. “Now may the Lord of peace Himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance” (2 Thess. 2:16) and cause your soul to prosper always… Much love, sis

  8. crystal Eubanks says:

    another on time psalms.. What grab my soul is the very you O Lord I pray don’t fail me lord, for I am trusting you. O am i trusting him in a certain situation in my life. Then it says, Show me the path where I should go, O Lord; point out the right road for me to walk.  Lead me; teach me; for you are the God who gives me salvation. Do you see the desperation in this? Show me, point out, lead me, teach me. Thats where i am now. Its like i get stuck on a couple of verses and its hard to pull myself away from them because they minister to me deeply.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Oh Crystal, I know just what you mean–>”Its like i get stuck on a couple of verses and its hard to pull myself away from them because they minister to me deeply”…yes, yes, yes! I love getting stuck like that! If you stay only on those verses, then those were the only verses you needed. :) And there’s such POWER packed in those verses. “Show me, point out, lead me, teach me”…I’m always in that place. Just this morning, I realized another situation is getting desperate, and I was praying those words again. That’s why I say desperation is a lifestyle. :) I pray He continues to lead you and show you where to go. He is faithful! Blessings to you, sis!

    • MrsTrip98 says:


      I understand exactly what you are saying. There is so much good stuff there, but God has a way of showing me nuggets that apply directly to my situation at the time. And then the whispers of what I need to know when I need to know it will guide me.

      I am so glad you are a part of this blog family :-)

  9. MariAn Holt says:

    I’m extremely late today, Kim. I was at work this Monday, so had to get on board solo and much later:-) Another good session, nonetheless! I will do a recap for myself on tomorrow as you highlighted so many good points that I need to relish in. You continue to bless us with your extraordinary ability to dissect the Word of God! #youbreakitdownsis Lol!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey MariAn! You are not “extremely late” :)…I’m just glad to see you here! So thankful that you found something in this psalm to relish in…it’s so, so good! So appreciate your encouragement always, sis. You already know… #apartfromHimIcandonothing :)) Blessings to you!

  10. MrsTrip98 says:

    Hey Everybody!

    SO Kim said so much good stuff that I just want to repeat everything she said. wow! I am going to meditate on this Word all day and pay closer attention to those “whispers of understanding” that Kim mentioned. I definitely plan to return for the discussion!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Sis! Always a blessing to see you here. :) Ah yes, pay close attention those “whispers of understanding”…I don’t know what made me put it that way in the video, but I love paying attention to those whispers. Sometimes I’m washing dishes or driving or…whatever…and insight or clarity on something will come to me. And I literally pause what I’m doing because I know it’s from the Lord, and I want to think on it and fully get it. Then I just praise God because I now have a better understanding of something that I didn’t have 5 minutes ago! Those moments are priceless. :)

  11. What a great study, as so many of the blog sisters have said! What stood out to me was how you highlighted, Kim, God’s ways and paths. I couldn’t help but meditate on if I follow God’s ways I will find the paths He has for me. This is always applicable no matter what state I am in. So verses 1, 5-6 are foundational for me to know and follow His ways so that I can walk in His paths. These are definitely verses to put in the forefront of my mind when I am in a desperate place.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Rhonda, I’m so thankful that the “ways and paths” stood out to you. I love the way you put it, that it’s foundational (along with verse 1). It truly is. There’s no area of our lives in which we don’t need to know and understand God’s ways, so we can walk in His paths. As a wife, as a parent…in every season and in everything…I’m hungry to know His ways. Thankful always for you, sis…for your presence and your input!

  12. MrsTrip98 says:

    Good morning Sisters,

    When I saw that Psalms 25 was the focus, I read it before watching the video. For some reason it had a calming effect on me. At the time yesterday morning, I wasn’t sure if there was something going on within that was causing me anxiety. I thought I might need to meditate on the Word for more of that calming presence. I am familiar with verses 4-5, and they always give me assurance of my Master’s infinite and living grace and intellect. To my surprise and great pleasure, reading Psalms 25 this morning gave me that sense of peace and calmness once again.

    I am definitely doing more soul searching. What I know for certain is that my spirit’s desperation to be fed by the Word warrants meditation (on the Word) afresh each and every day.

    • Tamara Davis says:

      Good morning MrsTrip! Yes, tackled that anxiety with the Word? Why? Because Proverbs 12:25 says “Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, But a good word makes it glad.” You nipped it before it went any further! Great and beautiful!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Good Evening Sis! :) I was nodding as I read this because I’ve had those times as well. I’ll feel just a little anxious or bothered, but can’t really pinpoint the cause. I’ll pray and ask God what’s going on with me, to show me what I need to see, and to give me peace. And often, as you’ve said, I’m led to the Word…and it calms me every time. There’s so much power in the Word of God…the way it reaches to our souls, renews our minds, comforts our hearts… What a blessing that Psalm 25 gave you peace and calmness again this morning! I’m rejoicing in that!

      THIS–>”What I know for certain is that my spirit’s desperation to be fed by the Word warrants meditation (on the Word) afresh each and every day.” AMEN. I can tell a huge difference when I’m not in the Word. I feel “off” in so many ways. Yet, with it, I can’t begin to number the benefits within. So good, sis. Love your morning meditations. :)

  13. Ty says:

    Kim, I agree that this is a very “on time” psalm. Verses 4 and 5 reminded me of a prayer we used to pray when I worked at a university several years ago, “Lord, take me where You would have me to go, let me meet who You would have me to meet, give me what You would have me to say, and help me to stay out of Your way.” Ten years later I am still desperate for Him to show me His paths and His ways and it is a minute by minute struggle to stay out of His way.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Ty, what an awesome prayer…definitely reminiscent of verses and 5! I love the surrender in that prayer. The willingness to submit to God in where we go, who we meet, what we say…and to even stay out of the way:)… It actually moves us to see God’s hand in our interactions and in our comings and goings. There’s nothing like those moments when we’re reminded what we prayed, and we’re walking in an answer to that prayer. Yes, Lord, help us to stay out of Your way! :)

  14. Pamela McK says:

    Psalm 25 is a good place to linger/revisit. I keyed in on verses 4/5. I desperately want to continue to be taught His ways, away of doing/living…I want to please Him. I also want to make certain that I am viewing things from God’s perspective,and not joining in w/the many ungodly views (that all views are accepted, anything goes culture we live in)…and in order to keep my perspective the same as His – I have to walk close to Him – devote myself to Him – grow deeper in Him – pray earnestly to Him – realize that He truly loves me, and wants an intimate relationship w/me. I have started praying the Psalms. Oan, Kim,I loved one the comments you stated in the first video, “I have cried in the Psalms, prayed in the Psalms, and praised in the Psalms,” what an awesome testimony. God Bless.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Pam, you hit on a key reason why verses 4/5 are so important…”I also want to make certain that I am viewing things from God’s perspective,and not joining in w/the many ungodly views (that all views are accepted, anything goes culture we live in)…” So true. We are bombarded with ways & paths that are contrary to God’s, and are presented as enlightened. We get enough of that, and our perspectives get clouded, if only a little. If we’re not doing those things you listed…walking closely, devoting ourselves, growing deeper, praying earnestly, etc…we’ll be onto another path, easily. Those verses are a lifelong prayer for me. They will never be out of season. And oh yes, the Psalms have seen every one of my emotions:)…I love that I can linger there and know that God will meet me. Blessings to you too, sis!

  15. Pamela McK says:

    On the train…hopefully my last post was understandable. Blessings.

  16. crystal Eubanks says:

    Mrstrip, so glad tohave found this group. Yes as you and kim stated, those versus stuck with me because i need them right now. I am actually on my way to read/ meditate on it now. This is my quiet time while the kids are calm

  17. Stephanie Hairston says:

    Really enjoyed this. Needed the reminder that when we ask God to show us His ways & paths He will, but sometimes we aren’t listening on the right radio frequency. I’m making a conscious effort to immerse myself in His Word daily – not just when I *feel* like I need it – and your blog and these videos have really helped me to do that. I’m realizing more and more that I need his Word everyday, and my ‘feelings’ are not a reliable reflection of the truth.

    Verse 3 stood out to me, with its reminder that no one who hopes in God will be put to shame. It’s taken me a while to get comfortable speaking openly about my faith (A few years ago I couldn’t have even imagined commenting on a blog like this with my real name. What if someone I knew saw it and thought I was a weirdo?), and now I’m working part time in youth ministry and having my comfort zone boundaries pushed allllll the time. God seems to enjoy telling me to pray for strangers (not in the safety of my head, in a way that requires me to approach them and talk about it), and at first I was like, ‘Uuuugh. Are you serious? What if they laugh in my face? I’ll feel so stupid,’ but no one has ever reacted that way. And as I grow more confident, I think He’s changing me so that if someone does laugh in my face, I won’t be bothered by it. It’s occurred to me now that maybe there are people who could be touched just by the offer, regardless of how they react.

    It’s interesting to look back and realize that the scenarios aren’t different – I am. The situations God puts me into are just as ‘embarrassing’ in terms of how I would have defined them before – it’s just that I can walk through them and not feel that way now. (And I’d be remiss to not mention that finding and reading Cherished played a HUGE role in my own mid-twenties life shift – out of believing the lie that God was boring and wouldn’t be relevant until I hit fifty, at which point I would finally settle into big hats, condemnation, and not having fun anymore. Because God was church, and that’s what church meant to me.)

    So my comment is getting super long, but I’ll close by saying that I got a good laugh out of what God doesn’t say about his ways and paths – you took us back to PG County for a second there! :) And thank you for this series, and this blog. I appreciate the courage it must take to put your heart out on the internet like this.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Stephanie, I am so encouraged by THIS–>”I’m realizing more and more that I need his Word everyday”…YES! I’m thanking God for using the blog and video to help you immerse yourself in the Word daily. I honestly don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t regularly immerse myself in the Word. I feel a great difference when I don’t…a tangible difference in my attitude, outlook, etc. And I’m *much* more in my flesh. I’m amazed by how much I need it, and thankful that it’s readily available.

      I LOVE that God is moving you out of your comfort zone! :)) It’s so exciting when we can SEE ourselves changing…when we know that just a few months ago, we wouldn’t have done this, but now look…. And you’re so right that people could be touched just by the offer to pray for them. And even if they’re not touched in that moment, the Holy Spirit can use it later. We never know how God will use an act of obedience on our part. There’s so much freedom in being fine with leaving the results to Him. “It’s interesting to look back and realize that the scenarios aren’t different – I am”…what a great insight God has given you. It builds your faith to know that God is working in you and growing you. And WOW, I’m blown away that He used Cherished to make such a huge shift in your life…what?! That’s AMAZING! I would’ve never thought that book could be used that way as I was writing it. Proves once again that His ways are higher! :) That so encourages me. Thank you for sharing that.

      And I totally got a kick out of “you took us back to PG County”…lol! Yep, I might’ve left over 20 years ago, but ‘ll always be a PG County girl…it’s in me! haha So thankful for your comments, Stephanie. May the Lord continue the awesome work He’s doing in you!

  18. Brenda says:

    As always this study is so timely. God always amazes me by giving us just what we need in situations – good & bad. I read (feasted) on last weeks study but did not get to post. I was determined share this time.

    For me the entire Psalm spoke volumes to me. Vs 2 is my current prayer in this desperate situation I find myself in. My desire is to bring Him glory. I love the emphasis placed on God wanting to instruct, teach and lead us. We just have to ask. Its so easy to get caught up in the situation and take our eyes off of God who only wants to help. That’s the challenge – to remain vertical and not horizontal. We can get stuck in the why did or didn’t I, I should or shouldn’t have and I could go on. We only have to stop and acknowledge where we are and look up for His direction. He wants to be our everything. We just have to take our eyes off self, others, the situation and let Him be our everything.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      So good to see you, Brenda! You said so much in this…”We can get stuck in the why did or didn’t I, I should or shouldn’t have and I could go on”…oh, and we can stay stuck in those questions a long time, going round and round. Yet, when we do stop and look up, everything changes. It IS a challenge to remain vertical. I have to remind myself daily… “Kim, stop. Just stop. And focus upward.” Brenda, I pray that God continues to instruct and lead you through this desperate situation, and I’m praying verse 2 with you. You will not be ashamed as you trust in Him. Blessings, sis!

  19. Trisa says:

    Guard my life and rescue me;
    do not let me be put to shame,
    for I take refuge in you.

    What a plea! Kinda took my breath away.

    I’m just getting started on this study. When I started reading I thougth gosh, this is gonna be a lot of words. :) I can read a novel in a night, but the Bible has always been an intimidating force to me. I’ve been taking my time with Psalms 25. It’s so much too absorb! That’s all. This is all rather exciting.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Trisa, I’m so excited by this… I’m excited that you’re pushing past your thought that the Bible is intimidating and taking your time through a passage (in this case, Psalm 25). Only the enemy would have you believe that the Bible is too intimidating to read and understand. He does this because there’s so much truth and power in the Word. God has given you His Spirit to help you understand. It’s okay…and awesome!…to take it slow. Pray before you read, for the Lord to help you understand. And if you don’t “get” something at first, don’t get discouraged. Bible study is a constant, steady walk filled with many surprise blessings…and it will reap MUCH fruit in your life over time. YES, I’m excited for you!