DESPERATE series: Psalm 18

I’m expectant as we begin this DESPERATE series. Many have said the series is timely—that in this very season they’re feeling desperate, as I myself have expressed. I have to believe that God intends to meet each of us in our desperate place. He knows the nature of our desperation and the purpose of our desperation. And whatever it may entail, He knows the work He wants to do in our hearts and minds as we endure it. I am praying He will use this series to minister to each of us uniquely and specially.

We’re starting with one of my main go-to psalms—Psalm 18. I would say something about it right here, but I think I’ve said enough on the video . . . maybe too much. I edited the video down—cutting out a good bit of what I’d recorded—and it’s still almost 17 minutes long. I apologize. If your YouTube attention span is anything like mine, you aren’t excited to sit and watch a 17-minute video. But I do pray that you receive something from it that’ll make it worth your while.

Here’s the thing, though. It’s a Bible study. So I’m hoping you’ll not only watch the video, but also read Psalm 18 yourself. After all, we’ve got to chat about it. :-) As always, chime in with whatever strikes you, but here are some questions to jumpstart discussion:

What speaks to your heart in Psalm 18? Does it focus your heart and mind on who God is, especially the first three verses? Do you believe He cares for you enough to speed “upon the wings of the wind” (verse 10) and meet you in your desperation?

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  1. Mona says:

    Good Morning Kim!
    Indeed this message ministered to my spirit. I’m so desperate and hungry for God. My priorities have been off. Don’t think I’ve ever felt this “needy” before. I guess when your in a certain season in your life, you realize how much you need the Lord, when all else is gone (shame on me). The things and people who you relied on (a job, your knowledge, your experience, your work ethic and your family) are no longer there and you realize where you dropped the ball. Jesus! I’m desperate for that one on one relationship again. I know he is with me (I wouldn’t have been able to make it thus far) but I want to feel him again feel his presence. Desperate for his touch again…………..

    • MrsTrip98 says:

      …and God is there whispering to you, Mona. I find that I must sometimes go to that place where none of the other “stuff” is present and allow only his voice in my space for a while. As Kim said, “Desperation becomes a blessing when it encourages us to get closer to God.” You are there, my friend. Peace and blessings to you as you begin walking that intimate path with Him again :-)

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Good Morning Mona! I read your comment, prayed for you, then read it again. What you describe is such a common circumstance that leads to desperation…priorities being off (oh, how that happens too easily…), and relying on people and things apart from God. But believe it or not, I regard this as a positive….”Don’t think I’ve ever felt this ‘needy’ before.” If you’ve never felt this needy before, then your heart is prepared to experience God as never before. He will REMOVE the people and things that we’re relying on, as an act of mercy and grace…so we’ll draw closer to Him. If you’re desperate for that one-on-one relationship again, your desperation has been ordained by God. He wants that close relationship more than you do. You have to believe that. You have to believe that He will meet you in your desperation and satisfy your hunger for Him. Keep drawing near, whether you feel Him or not…He’s there. And as you draw near, you *will* feel the comfort of His love and care. Sis, you’re in a good place, though it doesn’t feel like it. You’re in a place in which God can show Himself strong. (((hugs)))

    • Deborah (Debbie) says:

      Mona…Praying for a deep peace and calm as you lean into Him.

  2. MrsTrip98 says:

    Hi Sisters,

    Kim, I love the way you presented this. Psalms is a perfect pick for the “Desperate” study. David, “the man after God’s heart,” paints a vivid picture of God and teaches us a multitude of ways to go to God with our passion and emotions for guidance.

    Your video presentation was long enough to highlight, dissect, explain, and question. However, it was brief enough to leave me wanting more of the Word and jumpstart my study. I read through Psalms 18, watched the video, and referenced the verses you highlighted. I look forward to going back into Psalms as the sisters here post their thoughts.

    As I read through Psalms, I became more and more excited about who God is. Not only is he our source of power and mighty strength, but he is also a gentle teacher who builds capacity within us to endure and grow stronger through our troubling times.

    The following verses resonated with me:

    34 He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.

    35 Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy right hand hath holden me up, and thy gentleness hath made me great.

    The contrast of power and gentleness amazes me. He is my strength while ever-so-gently cultivating that “something” within me so that I might become stronger during and beyond my time of desperation. Wow!! I am in awe by his greatness!!

    I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Sis, I so appreciate your encouragement about the study, and even about the length of the video. :) I love the way you put this–>”David…teaches us a multitude of ways to go to God with our passion and emotions for guidance.” YES! He shows us what to *do* with our passion and emotions. I love even the passion and emotion in that one line, “I love You, O LORD, my strength.” Here’s David the mighty warrior, saying, “I love You, O LORD.” Ahhh…that just uplifts my heart. The intimacy of his relationship with God is something available to us all.

      Love this too…”he is also a gentle teacher who builds capacity within us to endure and grow stronger through our troubling times”… amen, His patience with us is amazing. And I hadn’t thought of it in just that way, but He DOES build capacity within us. I can think right now of things I’ve endured lately that would’ve caused me to “faint” early on in my walk. There are things I hoped I’d never have to deal with…that I’ve had to deal with. And only because of God growing strength in me and building that capacity within me was I able to stand through it.

      Verse 34…you already know that’s one of my favorite verses in the psalm…I wanted to get into that second part of the verse too. :)

      Verse 35…any verse with His “right hand” just does something to me. I’ve marked that throughout my Bible. The way He upholds us with His “right hand” blows me away… And you’re so right that that contrast of power and gentleness is AMAZING…an almighty God is also gentle? And His gentleness works something within ME? I’m in awe as well.

      So thankful for your presence and input here, sis. You’re such a blessing!

  3. Kim,

    You were concerned that the video might be too long, but I found myself saying, “It’s over?” :( Thank you for the desperation you showed for wanting us to really get just who our God is and how we CAN and SHOULD run to Him in our desperate times. Verse 31 stands out the most to me: “For who is God, but our Lord? And who is a rock, except our God?” It’s right here that I envision David having a reality check moment and wanting us to understand that we are a part of this reality: We have no reason to fret or sweat because we have access to the ONLY God and THE rock, the only real protection and strength we have. As you said, we must focus on Him and when we do, we know we have everything we need.

    I am looking forward to more from the Desperate study. Thank you for your love for God and us by taking the time to prepare and deliver this study. I love you, Sis.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Rhonda, first, thank you for encouraging me about the video length…I was literally thinking, “No one’s going to watch this. It’s much too long.” ;-) So I’m thanking God and breathing a huge sigh of relief at your comment.

      Verse 31…that verse stands out to me too (so many do…:)), especially since David repeats the fact that God is our rock (4 times total in the psalm). But I hadn’t thought of it as a “reality check moment” and that’s so true. This is the time that he phrases it as a question, like, really?…I (we) should fear or worry when our God is a ROCK? Love that you brought out that nuance. And often we really do have to pose questions to our soul in just that way, to change up the focus.

      So thankful that you’re finding the study worthwhile, and doubly thankful for your wise thoughts here. Love you too, Sis!

  4. Deborah C says:

    I posted this on Facebook and invited a bunch of my sister friends to partake of this series. I agree with other commenters – it was not too long.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Thank you so much sis, both for your encouragement about the video and your support in posting this. I’m praying for each and every person God leads to partake in this study. Blessings to you, sis!

  5. Joi W says:

    Kim, I agree with the others…the video was good and definitely not too long! It was long enough for me to get some of the good nuggets that you pointed out as well as a bit of a tease to come back and marinate later. Thank you for highlighting this chapter. It is so full, from the beginning to the end, of meaty stuff! And thanks to Deborah C for the idea to invite FB friends to take part. It’s too good not to share!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hi Joi! Thanks so much for chiming in on the video length. This really helps me as I prepare to do the next video…maybe I won’t fret as much over it. ;-) So thankful that you were able to get some good nuggets out of it! It truly is a meaty psalm, which is why I return to it all the time. It never disappoints. So glad you stopped by and commented! And thank you for sharing it on FB! :)

      • Deborah (Debbie) says:

        Hey Kim…just thinkin’… no need to fret over the next video. I bet there are a number of us here willing to cover you in prayer (as if there isn’t a number of us here sisters already joinging together in the Spirit to do so) as you prepare and deliver. It is God who will arm you with strength and wisdom and give you what we need to hear from Him. Prayin’ prayin’ prayin’

        • Kim Cash Tate says:

          Ahhh, yes, THANK YOU…would so appreciate your prayers as I prepare and deliver the next teaching. I am fully aware that no one needs to hear anything from me (this is not false humility, but truth)…it needs to come from the Lord. I know you’re a prayer warrior generally:)…but so very thankful that you’d post this. May God bless you for being a blessing!

  6. Ty says:

    Kim, At 3:00 a.m. this morning I was awake and desperate about a situation at work that had me trying to convince myself to call in sick or work from home for the day. I found this series and the the first three verses reminded me that God is my everything. The rest of the chapter brought about a peace (and a deep sleep) because I was reminded that there is no battle too hard for God “with His help I can advance against a troop….I can scale a wall” (verse 29). I came to work with a strong sense of peace about my desperate situation.

    I have shared it twice this morning with co-workers who came into my office “desperate” about situations in their lives.

    God is good.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Ty, this SO blessed me…I’m just in awe at God, that He would lead you to this series in the middle of the night. I never cease to be amazed how He knows what we need, when we need it…and is faithful to provide it. I’m rejoicing that Psalm 18 spoke to your situation and even helped you to sleep! And I was blown away by the fact that God not only led you to go to work today, but through you, He blessed others. YES, God is good! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I’m praising Him!

    • Deborah (Debbie) says:

      Oh, WOW!!! Isn’t He though…Yay, Jesus!!!!

  7. Lauren says:

    Good Morning Ladies!

    I am so happy to be doing this study! Reading through Psalm 18 was truly a blessing for me. I have been struggling with being obedient with my sex life. I am recently divorced and resisting temptation has been HARD! As I was reading verse 24a jumped out at me! “The Lord rewarded me for doing right.” (NLT) I needed that encouragement on today.

    Then I watched the video, here are my take-a-ways…I need to remind myself of WHO GOD IS…My circumstance cannot touch ME…and when I can think of how to identify God, I can just say MY GOD, and that covers everything!! WHEW!!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Good Afternoon Lauren! :) I’m praising God for the transparency in your post. You weren’t kidding when you said you were going to stop lurking and jump in:)…and I love it because this is REAL. It IS a desperate situation when we’re battling with our flesh. If you saw the initial “Desperate” post from a couple of weeks ago, I was talking about how I’d been reading about temptation and sin and had become more aware of how my flesh battles with the Spirit. The flesh can be relentless, which indeed makes it HARD to resist temptation…especially when you see women all around you who are single and see nothing wrong with sex. After all, we’re all adults… The fact that you want to pursue holiness is awesome in itself, sis…truly. This is where your desperation will lead you to rely totally on the Lord to satisfy you. This is where you experience the STRENGTH and GRACE of God in fuller measure. This is where you receive the blessings that come with obedience…or as Psalm 18 puts it, the “reward” for “doing right.”

      I’m so thankful that you got some take-a-ways from the video that can help you with this. Renew your mind with truth DAILY. As you submit continually to the Lord, your flesh won’t give up, but you’ll be showing it WHO reigns within. The Spirit within is stronger. God wouldn’t call you to holiness and not equip you with what you need to walk it out. He is your EVERYTHING! Blessings, sis…so encouraged by your post!

    • MrsTrip98 says:

      Hi Lauren,

      I walked the road of celibacy for a couple of years after I had my son. Being a single mother was really stressful and lonely. Now that I look back on it, resisting the urge to engage in that longing activity spared me a lot of “riff raff” and drama. I was more focused on things of importance. In my loneliest hours, I prayed and cried (with that ugly face cry lol!) to God for the life-long mate he saw fit for me. I was able to clearly see the man God sent for me because nothing or no one else was clouding my vision. My experience directly relates to your highlight of verse 24. I see my marriage of 15 years as a true blessing for obedience and reliance on God.

      Continue trusting your wisdom to rely on him. You and Kim are so right! “My God…” Yes, indeed!!!

      • Tamara Davis says:

        Thanks for sharing your testimony Mrs. Tripp. Very encouraging to me as well.

        Lauren, I remember feeling that way after a divorce. I felt that way for a long time and spent years trying to heal my rejection with more men and sex. Took me a long time to stop completely. And now, after almost 20 years, I am dealing my issues with men which begin as a little girl. I encourage you to stop, take a deep breath and spend some concentrated, purposed time in the Lord to help you where you are right now.

      • Kim Cash Tate says:

        This is so so good. I praise God for you, sis…so much in what you share. What a blessing that you’re able to offer an example of walking in celibacy. And I love that you’re honest about the stress and loneliness, yet you have a testimony of how God responded as your cried out to Him. This is so on point…” I was able to clearly see the man God sent for me because nothing or no one else was clouding my vision.” Amen! And amen to being spared the “riff raff” and drama. Giving God the praise for what He’s done in your life!

      • Lauren says:

        Thank you so much for the encouragement. I am a single mom as well, and I feel that loneliness. I am working to focus on God and my children, and to get renewed.

        • Tamara Davis says:

          Lauren, rest in His Word and in His blessing. Take it moment by moment, day by day. Watch Him meet your every need: emotional, financial, spiritual, mental, etc. He will meet them all and what you will find is that your eyes are becoming more and more open to who YOU really are and who He made you to be. :)

  8. Deon A says:

    The length of the video was not an issue at all.
    I love, love, love Psalm 18 it is also one of my go to Psalm.

    I usually read it from the message bible and there are so many sections that you highlighted that speaks to me every time I read it. Verses 1-3 are always a great reminder to me of Just who God is in my life and why I run to him even in desperate times.

    Message bible: 1-2 I love you, GOD—
    you make me strong.
    GOD is bedrock under my feet,
    the castle in which I live,
    my rescuing knight.
    My God—the high crag
    where I run for dear life,
    hiding behind the boulders,
    safe in the granite hideout.
    3 I sing to GOD, the Praise-Lofty,
    and find myself safe and saved

    It’s a declaration even from the very beginning to me that I am strong and I will overcome.

    Verses 6-7,
    A hostile world! I call to GOD,
    I cry to God to help me.
    From his palace he hears my call;
    my cry brings me right into his presence—
    a private audience!

    It’s such a blessing to know that when I go to God he is ready and available to hear me. I need not wait or feel as if I have to hold back but I can lay bare before him and tell him everything. My own private audience with the All-knowing, All-Powerful God!

    Finally, when I get to verse 30 I get excited because we go through the first 29 verses just reading about God’s faithfulness, Power and love towards us in our desperation.

    And, like David I can declare
    What a God! With all confidence knowing he is indeed my rock and I will make it.

    Verse 30
    What a God! His road
    stretches straight and smooth.
    Every GOD-direction is road-tested.
    Everyone who runs toward him
    makes it.

    Thank you so much for this study and I look forward to this journey together. Be blessed

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Deon, this is so good…and I love that Psalm 18 is one of your go-to psalms as well! Love that you shared the Message bible verses with us…”the castle in which I live, my rescuing knight” paint such a beautiful picture. I love the “high crag” as well…I had highlighted verse 33 (“He makes my feet like hinds’ feet, and sets me upon my high places”) because that imagery speaks to me so much of being on that high crag, but being able to negotiate it because of the Lord. (I edited that part out when it was getting too long. ;)) THIS–>”my cry brings me right into his presence”…as you said, we don’t have to hold back! As Hebrews 4:16 tells us, we can draw near to the throne with confidence. If I can’t talk to anyone else, I know I can talk to God and He will listen…hadn’t thought about it quite like a “private audience” but I will from now on. :)

      So awesome to hear your excitement about this psalm. Thank you for joining the discussion…I look forward to this journey together too! Blessings, sis!

    • MrsTrip98 says:

      Hi Deon,

      That is absolutely beautiful! It gives me a different perspective. I especially love verses 6-7. I can call to the Most High King, and he hears me in his palace, and at that moment he becomes my “private audience” At that moment, it is just God and me. That gives me chills. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Tamara Davis says:

      I have some favorites in the Message Bible. This version can be real just straight to the point sometimes. LOL

    • Shahmet says:

      Yes, I am also going to hold on to that image of a “private audience” … thank you so much for sharing!

  9. It’s been a while since I’ve commented on the blog, but I just had to stop in and say that I thoroughly enjoyed that video. Wasn’t too long at all. :)

    Psalm 18 is at the top of my absolute favorites list, and I got so excited when I saw that you were covering it today. Blessed me indeed!

    I’ve been trying to get my favorites down to a minimum, although I have the entire chapter highlighted and underlined in my Bible. But a few of my favorite verses in Psalm 18 would have to be 1, 2, 6, 16, 19, 28-35.

    I shared 16 and 19 with my Facebook friends earlier today…

    “He reached down from heaven and rescued me; he drew me out of deep waters…He led me to a place of safety; he rescued me because he delights in me.”

    Because he delights in me…gets me straight in the heart.

    Bless you for this study, Kim!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey LaKeisha! You know you’re still one of the blog sisters, no matter how long it’s been…and I always smile when you drop back by. :) So awesome that Psalm 18 is at the top of your favorites list too! Ha…I hear you on having the entire chapter highlighted AND underlined…yep, it’s that good. Totally nodding my head at your favorite verses in the psalm. I wanted to get into verse 16 because I love that as well…that picture of “He drew me out of deep waters”…ahhhh… How often do we feel like we’re drowning, and His strong arm draws us out? So awesome. And 19 too! I bet if we sat down together, we’d be going on and on about this one psalm and all the goodness to be found in it! “Because he delights in me”…that gets me too…it’s where you pause and receive and give thanks…that alone will fill you up.

      Love that you stopped by and shared how you delight in Psalm 18, sis! Blessings to you too!

    • Tamara Davis says:

      LaKeisha, I’m so glad the Lord lead you here because when I emailed you today, I was going to tell you about the study! The Lord is good! Soooooo glad you’re here! Glory to God!

  10. Megan JOY says:

    First of all, while flipping to Psalm 18 (I actually used my book Bible, not my iPad – it feels more intimate), I was waylaid by Psalm 19. Beautiful, powerful!

    I have been needing to choose the next verse I want to be memorizing and, thanks to your explanation of them, Psalms 18:1,3,6 are up next.

    Thank you for this. It didn’t even feel like 17 minutes! :) God bless you, Kim. My mind is not in writing mode right now – I think God wants me in prayer mode so I will wish you ado.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Megan! YES…I love Psalm 19. When my kids were younger, we all memorized it together…definite awe factor about who God is and what He’s done in creation….as well as the treasure of His Word. Waylaid is a good word for being captured by it. :)

      So cool that you’re going to memorize verses from Psalm 18! When I memorize verses, it buries them deeper into my heart. I feel like I “own” them, and I can run to them right in my own heart and mind. I know you’ll be blessed by doing that. And I don’t know a better mode than “prayer mode”…:) Blessings to you, sis!

      • Megan JOY says:

        I’m terrible at memorizing! As soon as I have one verse down and move on to the next, the one before vanishes. I don’t know how on earth I used to memorize scripts! Do you have any hints or advice that might be helpful when it comes to memorizing verses and keeping them memorized? (this may just be part of my brain damage, though)

  11. Megan JOY says:

    I love how you remind us that David waited YEARS in MAJOR DESPERATION but if we’re willing to wait on Him, the Lord, though it may be after years of waiting, can change things in the blink of an eye! I need to work on my waiting and trust that He will work when the time is right…in the fullness of time like He did when He chose to send Jesus down as a human babe…in the fullness of the time He WILL ACT!

    “…when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son…” -Galatians 4:4-5

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      It definitely helps to look at all the times of waiting in the Bible…and great example of how long God waited to send His Son. We look back in time and it doesn’t seem that long. ;-) But there was a LONG wait for the promised Messiah. It seems we always have *something* to wait for, and I don’t know that it ever gets easy, especially when we’re desperate for that thing we’re waiting for. But I always take comfort that God has a purpose. We may not see it, but He’s working in the waiting.

    • Tamara Davis says:

      Yes, yes, yes! I am right there with you Megan! Learning to wait until the fullness of time and “He has made everything beautiful in His time.” During that time, it’s not wasted or empty. There is grooming, preparation and strengthening going on. There’s some planning going on as well! And yes, there is some spiritual warfare going on too! Wait…with purpose!

  12. Tamara Davis says:

    I am thoroughly happy that I waited until I got home to see this. The video was not long enough! It was so refreshing. When I see what the Lord is doing through this blog, my soul cries Hallelujah! Vs. 19 is at my desk; vs 28-29 I prayed over the spring when I was dealing being delivered from my past. This is such a rich Psalm. When I first started reading it, I thought “David was a warrior with a tough exterior. Ooooh but his heart was so tender towards the Lord.” WOW! He indeed was man after God’s own tender heart.

    Vs 34 was new to me. I thought of my weapons like you said: prayer, praise and the laying on of hands. I thought of the warfare we make with our hands! That really encouraged me because I’ve been talking to God about not retreating from the enemy and learning how to be assertive in the spirit, you know, go on the offense against the enemy instead of always being on defense just waiting for his next move. My praise and prayer are my offense.

    I will surely spend time soaking this in.

    So nice to see so many new faces and names joining this loving community!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Tamara!! I was wondering where you were…lol Ahh, love that you were already using this psalm in times of desperation! Verse 19 is an awesome “desk verse” :) and I know verses 28-29 strengthened you as you moved beyond your past. If we can run upon a troop and leap over a wall, surely there’s strength to put the past behind us. Thank You, Lord!

      I love that contrast in David as well…the warrior with a tough exterior and a tender heart towards the Lord. I’ve learned so much from him in how he bared his heart before the Lord and loved on the Lord…and trusted the Lord. Maaan, the way He ran up on Goliath KNOWING God would fight that battle for him… I’m so thankful that same warrior penned some of the psalms so we could see this tender side of him. “My praise and prayer are my offense”…AMEN!

      “When I see what the Lord is doing through this blog, my soul cries Hallelujah!”…I’ve been thinking the same. Yet, He’s been doing a special work in this place for quite some time. I pray He will continue this work of ministry to us and through us in this place. I rejoice that you’re a part of it…you already see how much you were missed today! :)

      • Tamara Davis says:

        You know I was not going to pass up a chance to comment on this! LOL I enjoy the fellowship here and there is so much love on this page.

        About David pouring his out heart before the Lord, I’ve been reminded of how important it is to do this and that God WANTS us to pour out our hearts to Him. Psalms 62:8 says “Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah” I’d gotten carried away with telling my sister in the Lord all my stuff instead of running to God FIRST. Like you said in the video, we have to trust Him and run to Him first. When you trust someone, you hold nothing back from them. The fact that David continually poured out His heart before God showed just how much he trusted him…with everything! His faults, his successes, his failures, his praise, his uncertainties, EVERYTHING! That’s the place I’m excited about growing to!

        • Shahmet says:

          Hi Tamara!

          You really hit it with this:
          “The fact that David continually poured out His heart before God showed just how much he trusted him…with everything! His faults, his successes, his failures, his praise, his uncertainties, EVERYTHING! That’s the place I’m excited about growing to!”

          When Kim asked do we go to God first or do we pick up the phone & call someone, I had to stop & say, yeah, I have the wrong order of things … God may want me to reach out to others, but I need to consult with Him first & foremost.

          • Tamara Davis says:

            It’s such a beautiful place to be in but it does take some getting used to. I like how I go to Him first then, I’ll be speaking to someone and He’ll lead me mention the issue to this person. What do you know, He’s put the answer or encouragement right on their lips! Glory!

    • MrsTrip98 says:

      Hi Tamara!

      Sending you huge hugs! I love how you aspire to stay on the offense. I try each day to speak in the spirit during difficult conversations with others. “Being assertive in the spirit” is a new one for me. That brings a whole new meaning to verse 34. Hmmmm….much food for thought for me. Thanks, sis :-)

      • Tamara Davis says:

        Thank you for the hugs shuga!

        Yes, I aspire to be assertive in the spirit because the enemy is always lurking. I want him to hate when I get up in the morning! Not that I sit around and focus on what he’s doing but you get what I am saying. LOL In the natural, I was never a fighter. I was very scared, timid and shy. Well most of that carried over to my spiritual life and in God there is NO FEAR! He IS love and perfect love casts out fear. Fear involves torment and I endured enough torment in the world so I refuse to endure any more in Christ especially when I don’t have to. To me, it simply means not “laying down and taking what he attempts to dish out.” His only weapon is fear! That’s all he has!! We have a whole lot more in our arsenal–love, praise, prayer, truth, the Gospel, etc. (Okay, the Lord just spoke that as I typing. That really blessed me to let me know just how much MORE I am in Christ Jesus.

        • Ty says:

          Tamara, Thank you for helping me see that “fear” is the weapon that the devil is using against me right now. I am sitting here shaking my head because I did not see it all along (it took some person I have never met, on a blog I stumbled upon in the middle of the night to help me figure this thing out). I am immediately going into my arsenal of praise and prayer. Thank you.

          • Tamara Davis says:

            Praise God Ty! When you think about the root cause of everything he gets us to fret and worry about, it’s fear. Fear of loosing my job, fear of lack, fear of getting sick, etc. This is why we have to be so completely settled in the LOVE of God. His love says “I am more than enough, you are healed, I am your provider, cast all your cares on me, etc.” Each day I have to keep growing and telling myself to be settled in His love. I ask Him to continue to reveal His love to me in ways I’ve never seen before. And He does. I also pray that my eyes are opened to see His love. The more love I receive and accept, the more fear flees from me.

            It is very sad at how we overwhelmingly believe and feed fear. That’s also my goal–to be so settle in His love that I don’t have fear of anything the enemy attempts to use. It’s all puffed up air anyway. This kind of life comes moment by moment, day by day, decision by decision, word by word! But I praise God for each new day to grow in love!

  13. MrsTrip98 says:

    Hi Kim,

    I started yesterday and today’s work days with the Word, your guidance through it, and my sisters’ spiritual perspectives. What a blessing! It actually help me though a difficult conversation at work yesterday. Being girded with the Word… There is nothing like it! I just wanted to say thanks so much for being the impetus of this study. …off to work now!

  14. Sheila says:

    A dear sister directed me to your video. I can truly say that it is a blessing. I was thirsting for this. I am in a desperate state right now, and Psalm 18 broke through it. I love my God so much for answering my cry for “water”. Thank you for your insight and obedience. Looking forward to more.

  15. Deborah (Debbie) says:

    Hello there Kim and Sisters.

    Thanks for this Kim. Video. Too Long??? No way! Megan and I both agreed it was not even close to too long! But it was filled with gooood stuff.

    As I read the Psalm and listened to the video your comments asking where we turn first when we are in times of desperation it got me thinking how easy and “natural” it is to turn to other gods first .(And really, when we look to other things or people or strategies etc. to meet us in our desperation and “fix it” that is exactly what those things etc. are acting as in our lives.) Not only is it often our”default” response to turn to self, things, people, strategies and a demand for a change of circumstances, but these “gods” are incredibly deceptive. They don’t present themselves as gods, they don’t look like gods, they masquerade really well. Yes God does use others, strategies and circumstances to meet me in my desperation but whenever I think I MUST have X in order for a difficult circumstance to be worked out, to know joy, to be fulfilled, to have hope or whatever the need to be met may be, I need to know that I am putting that thing in place of God. I am putting my hope in IT. I am seeing it as my rock, my stronghold, my deliverer. David, over and over and over tells us that it was GOD who ________ (fill in the blank with everything necessary, everything accomplished…including enabling him to do battle). Our only real and meaningful hope is GOD when we are desperate. And not just that He will do what we think we need, or want…but to do what HE knows needs doing, when it needs doing, and provide what He knows needs providing, in order that HE will be glorified, HIS good, perfect all wise plan will be worked out and in just the way HE knows it needs to be, and so that we will be satisfied in HIM and know abundance and well being because of HIM.

    “The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock!
    Exalted be God my Savior!”

    (Psalm 18:46 NIV’84)

    Love ya…God bless you real good with Himself…you and all my other Sisters here!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hello Debbie!!! I was about to send search and rescue after you…:D So thankful for your and Megan’s encouragement (although there might be a tinge of blog sister bias:))…you two make a pretty nice team. :) I was reading your next paragraph and nodding so hard that I could *feel* my head nodding…not even kidding. It IS easy and “natural” to look to other gods first…and you’re so right that they are incredibly deceptive. So often we’ll even go to people who will “ease” our desperation, at least temporarily….when maybe the Lord *wanted* us to stay desperate so we would seek HIM. Okay, and you got on a roll…”…I need to know that I am putting that thing in place of God. I am putting my hope in IT. I am seeing it as my rock, my stronghold, my deliverer”….yes! It reminds me of how God would chastise the Israelites for turning to Egypt and Assyria (and whatever other earthly powers existed at the time) as their help and deliverer. You read about them doing that and say, huh?? After all the power He’s shown them, they look to EGYPT for help?? Yet, we do the same. Instead of Egypt, it’s as you said…people, strategies, and love this one…”a demand for a change of circumstances”…ha.

      And THIS…”And not just that He will do what we think we need, or want…but to do what HE knows needs doing”…such a hard truth, but so very true indeed. Lord knows I’ve had my own idea of what *I* thought would be best in a desperate situation…as if I could see the end from the beginning. But when I say, “Your will be done,” there’s such a peace that He will work it out just as it needs to be worked out.

      “The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock!
      Exalted be God my Savior!”

      I had that in the video as the last verse covered, then edited it out. ;-) I love that. YES…exalted be God my Savior!

      Blessings to you too, dear sis!

      • Deborah (Debbie) says:

        …and Oh, yeah…some head nodding going on here as I read what you had to say in your comment…and about those ol’ Israelites let me say we have sooo much in common…I follow in their footsteps (and not in a good way) waaaayyy too often — but how good is God that He uses them to point me to the truth and to Him. He is a VERY good GOD!!!

    • MrsTrip98 says:

      Hi Debbie,

      …so where is the line between acknowledging and/or accepting the help that God places in our path and depending on it? I understand that we must always give credit to God for being the source; however… This may be a very elementary question, but trust that I am in a miniature desk ready to listen and learn. I need help with this one! lol!

      • Deborah (Debbie) says:

        Ahhh,MrsTrip98, what a GREAT question, I think. Just want you to know, I am really thinking and praying about a response…I will be back asic (I made that up…”as soon as I can”

      • Shahmet says:

        Hey Sis!

        That is an interesting question you posed to Debbie … I’m going to mull it over too & if I come up with something, I’ll be back.

  16. Kim says:

    Ps 18: 28 (AB)
    “For You cause my lamp to be lighted and to shine; the Lord my God illumines my darkness.”

    So many beautifully written words in this psalm. They go deep. My overall takeaway, however, is this…God’s truths must become my truths. I have to grab on to them, soak them in and believe them. All of them. No wavering. No doubting.

    I love how this psalm allows us to see the who and how and what of God. It focuses our attention on His awesomeness. On His power. On His movement. And still there is more.

    This psalm also gives us a look into the personal thoughts and experiences of David. In his humanity, he presented a certain picture. In his faith, he presented a more certain picture. When you put the two together, it is quite something.

    Did you notice how David began with praise and ended with praise? Somewhere in the middle, we got to see other nuances. It seems like a perfect depiction for our lives, somehow.

    I have to wonder whether or not we really get how much significance there is in praise? Personal praise and public praise, David’s life was all about these. Look at how and where he starts and how and where he finishes. What do you notice?

    Just thoughts I wanted to share. Still thinking…

    God’s blessings to all! I am enjoying the conversation, the lessons and the encouragement.

    • Kim says:

      Kim, you could have kept going as far as I am concerned. Excellent points!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Kim, as always, I’m chewing on your words even as I respond. “God’s truths must become my truths.” I mentioned this above to Megan, but this is what Scripture memory does for me (which I’ve gotten away from of late but always delight in returning to). When I say verses over and over, while on the treadmill, while washing dishes, wherever (my grabbing on to them and soaking them in)…my understanding of the truths deepen, which allows me to own them. For me, it’s such an intimate exercise.

      “…the who and how and what of God”….YES! It absolutely does. I love that it shows God in action, God swooping down, so to speak, even angry because His anointed one is in distress. And you KNOW His power will be on display in the midst. “And still there is more”…this psalm keeps on giving, from verse to verse…awe to awe…

      That’s what I love about David’s psalms…we see his humanity and his faith, which is the case for us all. We are flesh and spirit, and his psalms speak so profoundly to both sides.

      Love your observations about David’s praise. I mentioned to Debbie that I had initially ended with verse 46 because of that high note of praise. His life truly was about praise. Who can forget the public praise dance as they brought up the ark of God? “And David danced before the LORD with all his might.” (2 Samuel 6:14) With ALL his might…

      Thankful for your thoughts, Kim…I was blessed to ponder them. Blessings to you too!

  17. crystal Eubanks says:

    O what a great psalms. I wanted to take my time and respond to this because i have been reading and re- reading this. I have read it in the KJV,and the message. This has assured me and also gave me some answers. The holy spirit has bought to my attention that i need to straighten up somethings in my life, that God for correction . The living bible says it best fir me v.16-24.

  18. crystal Eubanks says:

    As i meditate on this, this morning. V.1 and 2 spoke to me. V.1 speaks volume in itself. V.2 lets us know all that he is. Do yall see all that he is? Wow! I cant stop reading those two versus this morning. I am reading out of the living bible.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      I’m over here totally smiling at this–>”Do y’all see all that he is? Wow!” Isn’t He AWESOME! YES, those two verses! The whole psalm is good, but if you stayed on just those two verses, that’s enough to meditate on and rejoice in! :)

  19. Danielle says:

    Hi all! So I am late to the party, but I have been thinking about, praying on, and meditating on this Psalm for the past few days, and Kim, the video was awesome. I was left wanting more! :)

    Like LaKeisha, verse 16 really hit home for me….reminds me of Isaiah 43, when God tells us “WHEN you go through the waters, I will be with you…..”. I also paused on verse 21 (“For I have kept the ways of the Lord; I am not guilty of turning from my God”), because I have REALLY been focused on listening to God’s commands, even when the world (and my own heart) would have me do otherwise in my desperate situation.

    I am thankful for a Godly group of women in my life that encourage me to stay obedient to God and remain dedicated to my marriage, because more “worldly” friends would definitely think I am a fool for doing what I am doing.

    Anyways, I am rambling….I am loving the commentary and insight from everyone on this Psalm…..I know this is going to be a great study!

    • Tamara Davis says:

      Stick with it Danielle. You’re going to be glad you stuck with it and who you stuck with :)

      • Danielle says:

        I’m trying….I know He is faithful (and yes, I will be SO glad when the day comes that I can hug this stubborn, crazy guy and say “I love you” to his face) :)

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Danielle! (Was preparing all day to speak at an event tonight, and then of course I had the event, but was looking forward to time to get to your comment:)) And you’re never late to the party :) but I think it’s awesome that you were thinking, praying and meditating on the psalm.

      I had never put verse 16 with Isaiah 43, but when you said it, I thought, YES! But now you’ve started something because I love Isaiah 43 and have opened it up. :) When He says (right before the waters), ““Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!’…what?!? That gets me every time.

      I pause on verse 21 too, because often in desperate situations, there’s often a temptation to go astray or there’s already been a straying that led to the desperate situation….I like to pause there and ask the Lord to examine my heart.

      And oh, Danielle, I’m so thankful as well that God has given you a godly group of women to encourage you in your marriage. The world doesn’t know the power of God and what He is able to do. The world isn’t committed to obeying His Word and pursuing holiness. You’re standing in faith before a sovereign God who loves you and strengthens you to do what you’re doing. You’re doing the supernatural. And God sees. BELIEVE that He sees. You are HIS, and He delights in you. He will reward your faithfulness.

      You were not rambling at all! Love you, sis, and so thankful for the way you shine your light. God’s hand is so strongly upon you. Your road is not easy, but you’re a witness to us all of what it means to walk in obedience. We are standing with you and praying for you.

      • Tamara Davis says:

        Amen Kim, Amen. Thank you for encouraging her in a way that only a godly married woman can encourage her.

      • Danielle says:

        Yes, Kim…this: “often in desperate situations, there’s often a temptation to go astray”. So true! My mind is thinking up all these things to say (since Bavin has said he just wants to be my ‘roommate’ for the sake of the kids, I want to follow up everything I say with “ok, roomie” and tell him that roommates don’t get their laundry done, dinner made, clothes hung, etc……) but PRAISE BE TO GOD that I have stilled my tongue and focused on serving him as a Godly wife and responding in love, not bitterness, to my hurting husband. I am just praising God that B has, for whatever reasons, decided NOT to leave, and that he is still wearing his ring, sleeping in our room, not the guest room, and when I got up the other morning, he had hung up a poster of a verse from Proverbs 31 in our laundry room when my hanging of it failed.

        I don’t know what God is up to, but He sure has a sense of humor and I know He is unfolding His plan…..I thank Him that He has at least kept Bavin in our home so I may show him love and mercy and tenderness in my daily life with him, even though he chooses to be 1,000 miles away. B is seeing all this, I know.

        And this – “You’re standing in faith before a sovereign God who loves you and strengthens you to do what you’re doing. You’re doing the supernatural.” I don’t feel like it, but I know this is ONLY possible through God. He has truly lifted my up on eagle’s wings when I didn’t have the strength for one more step – He is ALL right now, and I am standing in faith and in the love of you all, and God.

        Like David, I am waiting years, but I have seen in my heart the resolution that is so beautiful, and I’m holding on to the fact that it will come to pass one day (sooner rather than later, though, maybe God??!!) :)

        Love you so much – you encourage and lift my spirits.

        • Kim Cash Tate says:

          Ooh, God is doing a mighty work in you, Danielle, because my own flesh wanted to say, “Yeah, ‘roomies’ don’t get dinner and laundry done!” (Oh, that war between flesh and Spirit…) I say again that I’m so thankful for your witness, allowing God to still your tongue, focusing on serving your husband and walking in love. Sis! THAT’S the power of God at work! I agree that His power is also seen in Bavin still being at home, in your bedroom, wearing his ring. It’s as if no matter what comes out of his mouth, God won’t let him truly “go there.” I pray His strong hand leads Bavin to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and that His love will be shed abroad in Bavin’s heart. Oh, imagine how the angels and the blog sisters will rejoice on that day!

          Continue to soar on those divine eagle’s wings…what a beautiful sight to behold!

  20. Pamela McK says:

    Good Morning, I listened to the video, and read this blog several times, and it really helped me to focus on the Lord, and not be defeated in my desperation…but to seize that time to grow in Him, and remind myself (via Scripture) of just how Awesome God is – and that He loves little ole me. Blessings.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Pam, I read your comment a couple of times and thanked God that you were not “defeated in desperation.” How good and gracious God is to cause us to focus on Him. I love how you said that you were moved “to seize that time to grow in Him.” YES! And seize is an awesome, active word…moving IN the desperation toward God and grabbing hold of Him (knowing that He’s grabbing hold of you!). That moment when we’re reminded how Awesome God is…is a MOMENT, one to savor. Rejoicing with you in God’s love. Blessings to you too, sis!

  21. Shahmet says:

    Hi Kim!

    I have missed you & this fellowship. I still look forward to the day we meet up at our retreat/conference. :-)

    I’m a little late, but right on time. I read your message last week, but did not watch the video. I had the feeling that I was not very desperate & wasn’t sure how this would apply to me. & I had other things going on, so I didn’t make the time. On Saturday, after I cleaned the house & I had a quiet moment, I read Psalm 18. I admit, I didn’t really take much in, I didn’t sit & study – I thought, wow, this is really long – but I read it all & read aloud, as I know there is power in speaking the word of God.

    Yesterday, I can say I was in a desperate place. It was the third anniversary of my mother’s death & another one of my aunt’s just passed away last Thursday – I was feeling deep loss – I was crying off & on most of the day – I didn’t even want to get out of bed, but work was till here waiting for me. I came to the site & read what you posted for this week. I pulled up Psalm 25 & read that. Then today, I came & played both videos.

    This right here is life for me: The Lord is my rock & my fortress & my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

    I was already feeling better today because I was filling myself with praise & worship songs all morning & I was reminded that God has always got me … but I feel blessed by the words you have ministered with here. Thank you.

    Now I will go up & read what my sisters have shared!

    • Shahmet says:

      I’m chiming in with my two cents on the video length … I love it! I feel like I’m sitting at the table with you, having a conversation … don’t hold back.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Shahmet! I’ve missed you too and was so glad to “see” you. Oh, what a day that will be when that Color Me Retreat rolls around! :)

      I love what you shared about being “a little late, but right on time.” I’ve done the same so many times…I’ll see a link to a video or blog post and decide it’s not for me or I simply don’t have time to engage it. And later, the Holy Spirit reminds me, and I find my way back to it. I also love your honestly about feeling that Psalm 18 was really long. :) It IS long…(well, maybe not compared to Psalm 119:)…but it’s not quick reading. I think it’s awesome that you still read it. You might not think you took much in, but the word of God is living and active. God was able to use that nonetheless, in a time when you needed it. I’m praising Him that Psalm 18:2 comforted you and gave you life in your grief. Being able to meditate on who He is, is EVERYTHING. It truly does bring about a praise in our spirits, which increases our joy and peace. His faithfulness astounds me. I pray His love overwhelms you continually. Blessings, sis!

  22. Stephanie Hairston says:

    Joining in late, but better late than never, I suppose. :) Kim’s reminder of the long time between Daniel’s awareness of God’s plan and the fulfillment of those promises really spoke to me. I’m waiting on something God has put on my heart and affirmed in various ways, but it feels like it’s taking forever to actually happen. Sometimes (honestly, often) I’m tempted to just force the issue and try to make it happen MY way. Although it’d be flawed, I feel like some kind of movement would be better than nothing. I really struggle to find joy and beauty in the waiting. I’m a ‘Let’s cut the scenery and get to our destination’ kind of girl. But Verse 30 quieted my heart. “As for God, his way is perfect.” Perfect. And really, wouldn’t I rather wait on his timing for something PERFECT than cobble together my own version of what I think will make me happy? Thanks for sharing this!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hi Stephanie! So glad you joined in…not late at all! :) I’m thankful that you were helped by the reminder of how long David had to wait before God’s promise to him was fulfilled. You’ll never hear me say that waiting is easy…:)…but waiting on God is infinitely better than trying to make it happen ourselves. There are so many variables we don’t know or understand. There’s so much He’s doing in our own hearts…growing us, preparing us… It may be that the thing we’re waiting for is actually something else entirely.There’s a REASON God has us waiting. So I definitely want to encourage you to wait on God. :) His way truly is perfect. And you don’t want to miss His perfect plan unfold. Keep pressing in as you wait, and enjoy His presence! :)

  23. Pam C. says:

    Kim…Yes indeed, “I cry to my God for help FIRST”. Enjoying this video series tremendously. It’s blessing me so much. Definitely need it right now. Thanks for reminding me that I have the strength! (hugs)