I turned in the manuscript for my sixth novel today—“Hidden Blessings.”  Only God knows if I’ll write another one.  I wasn’t sure this one would get written.  I started writing at the beginning of this year, and found myself starting over, changing characters, settings, plot lines.  Months went by, and while I had a kernel of the story, I couldn’t get the bulk of it in place.  It wouldn’t flow.

I got really worried when summer rolled around, and I found myself back at chapter one.  My deadline was September 1.  I wanted to be finished by summer, with only edits left to do.  All the while I’d been praying.  But suddenly my prayers changed to, “Lord, am I supposed to write this novel?  Why is it so HARD?”

I talked to my publisher about the possibility of getting out of my contract.  Maybe that’s what God was saying, because He knows I can’t write unless He’s in it.  John 15:5 is real for me during the writing process:  “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.”  But right when I almost hoped He’d let me out of the contract, I got another kernel of the story . . . enough to let me know I shouldn’t let it go.

My editor gave me an extension until October 1, and in mid-August, I was writing (again) chapter one.  I still only had my couple of kernels.  No idea where the story would go or how it would get there.  But in order to get there, I needed to shut down almost everything.  We canceled our women’s Bible study for the month of September.  I didn’t attend our Thursday community group gathering with church family.  I cut back everything computer related, except for the document I was working on . . . which meant I didn’t even come to the blog (just saw the blog comments I need to respond to…..sorry!).  I knew things were bad when my dad said, after leaving two messages, “I think I have a daughter . . . name begins with a ‘K.’”

But something happened in that month of September.  God showed up.   The story began to unfold chapter by chapter . . . while at the computer, on the treadmill, in the shower, while driving.  I couldn’t return calls even in the grocery store because I needed to pay attention to what was coming to me, and write it down.  Yep, I had my notebook and pen in the shopping cart, stopping to write in the aisles.

Writing became worship as I stopped to praise, even in tears, marveling at the ways in which the story was coming together.  It may sound crazy because it’s “just” fiction, but the process was that intense—that spiritual—for me.  When I clicked Send today, I could only praise God again.

I honestly don’t know what anyone will think of this story (I never do).  But I can say this—God was moving in it.  And if I know God was moving in the writing of it, it’s enough for me.  I can trust that someone will be impacted.

I’m feeling depleted and would love to leave now for a weeklong retreat in Maui.  But instead, I came to the blog. :-)  I promise to catch-up on comments this week.  I probably need to clean my house first. :-)  How’s everybody?  Has your life been as crazy as mine??

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  1. Kim says:

    Hey Kim! Congratulations and praise God on your finished work. Let me change that a bit. Congratulations and praise God on His finished work…through and obviously to you.

    When I checked my inbox this morning and saw your name, I knew I had to stop what I was doing and devote my full attention to reading your words, and I am sooooooooooooo glad I did. I think that these words, “Writing became worship as I stopped to praise, even in tears, marveling at the ways in which the story was coming together,” were the most beautiful and the most telling words. They certainly resonated with me. It could be a life statement, in fact.

    Even as I excitedly key in my thoughts, I cannot stop breathing in that statement. It’s funny how that happens. And yet, I know it comes from a place of realness, which is why it likely spoke so definitively to my spirit.

    I am thrilled about this book, Kim! I know it will be everything it is meant to be and that hearts will be touched in a huge way.

    In terms of your question about the craziness of life, umm…I think I’ll say yepper. With that said, today, I am going to make an effort to concentrate on your words and just praise and marvel at how this – my story – comes together. God is surely speaking.

    Love you so much in Christ.

    Now, go and rest easy…until it’s time to clean up the house or until you decide to treat yourself to Molly Maid. (Just a thought.) :-D


    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Kim!!! YES……THIS–> “…His finished work…through and obviously to you.” He was definitely working on me through this process. And weird as it may sound, the story was ministering to me. I wish I could explain that better because someone could surely think, “Okay, that’s rather self-serving….your own story ministering to you…” But when *I* don’t know what’s coming next, and it pops in my mind…and I know it’s from above…it ministers to me. It so struck me that that one sentence resonated with you the way it did. But absolutely, it came from a place of realness. Last Sunday in particular, I got to a scene for which I had one thought as to how it would go. But God injected a different thought as I wrote, and it injected a whole different feel, and He even gave me a song….and it blew me away. I had to get up and play the worship song, and I dissolved in tears of praise. All last week as the story drew to a close, I had intermittent tears. I had to steal away so my family wouldn’t think I’d gone nuts, crying over my computer. ;-) Even today, I’ve been praying the worship song (as I clean…ha), and thinking about the story, with tears in my eyes at God’s goodness. *sigh* He amazes me…. Somebody’s probably reading this, saying, “What in the world? It’s only fiction.” But it’s about GOD.

      LOVE this as well…”I am going to make an effort to concentrate on your words and just praise and marvel at how this – my story – comes together.” Sooo much in that! I need to think about this little episode with the book as a metaphor for life…how we think He’s not there and things aren’t working out and we’re ready to give up….but He weaves it together so beautifully in the end… That’s shouting ground! :)

      Love and hugs to you too, sis!

  2. Deborah (Debbie) says:

    Good morning, Kim! So glad to “hear” your voice this morning. What a great post for many reasons…1) we are going to get to read another Kim Cash Tate novel…2) what a wonderful wonderful reminder that whatever we do is to be done for Him, Through Him, In Him and surrendered to Him… and then the results are His responsibility. and 3) Praise Him as we write (or cook, or teach, or clean house, or study His word, or…). Whatever He gives us to do as we surrender and submit to His desire for us in that and trust Him with it (whoah…talk about a faith walk that was probably challenged, maybe? :) ) we can offer the whole thing up to Him with and in praise…what a delight to the heart of God. What a privildedge to be able to so.

    “Writing became worship as I stopped to praise…” (I need to cross stitch that on a sampler…or maybe just journal on it…)

    When God seems to show up at the last minute – or even after -you KNOW He’s shown up!

    So, I look forward to this book and seeing what God has in store through it.
    I will continue to lift you up for all areas of your life that God brings to mind but for sure the edits of this act of worship will be a significant subject of conversation between God and I.

    Bless you!!!!!!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Debbie!!! It’s great to “hear” your voice as well! Ahh, see, there you go again, adding wisdom nuggets to the post which I hadn’t contemplated. :) LOVE this….”what a wonderful wonderful reminder that whatever we do is to be done for Him, Through Him, In Him and surrendered to Him… and then the results are His responsibility”…I was like, is that what I said? lol But AMEN! Now that you say it:)…I do totally feel that I had to be surrendered to Him in this process. I had to surrender my thoughts, my time, my everything…and trust that He would walk me through. I honestly couldn’t *not* trust Him with the results. If He’s able to pull al that together, it’s for a purpose….and He’s well able to bring about His own purpose. He is so worthy to be praised!

      “When God seems to show up at the last minute – or even after -you KNOW He’s shown up!”….YES, YES, YES, and AMEN! :) There’s NO doubt about it. There’s NO way you can take ANY credit. ALL you can do is praise! I know God used your prayers in this process, and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for your constant support with my books and in LIFE. “…for sure the edits of this act of worship will be a significant subject of conversation between God and I”….over here smiling and loving that! Praise God for you, my sis! Blessings to you too!

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Debbie! :)

  3. Deborah (Debbie) says:

    …Oh.Craziness.Here. Erin got a job (yay Jesus) and a very good one (double yay Jesus). She is getting her own apartment and looking forward to a seriously reduced commute. Now we need to pray it is ready soon. The apt. was being renovated and possession was supposed to be Oct. 1, but due to some unforeseen difficulties the date has been moved to Nov. 1 (lets hope it gets done by then – she’s hoping for sooner). There have been all sorts of other transitional kinds of things too so its a season of chaos and busy and change (deeeep breath)… :) I’m seeking to trust Jesus through it all — and He’s faithfully using it all to transform me…Pray that I will rest in Him and stand strong and calm in Him and His truth.

    ‘nother hug

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Double Yayyy for Erin’s job!!! What a season of transition over there! It’s exciting that she’s getting her own apartment, and that the Lord is transforming mom in the process. :-) Oh, how it can get under our skin when chaotic snafus interfere with well-laid plans. But I know God is fashioning it all according to His plan. Praying for you even now, my friend. ((((HUGS))))

  4. Tamara Davis says:

    I’ll be back to respond later but I am STOKED to see this blog!!!

  5. Kristian says:

    KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooo glad to see this in my inbox as I was preparing for work this morning! How awesome! I’m super happy to hear from you…..And I’m very proud of you for wanting to please God in this no matter what, that’s just like something KCT would do….Girl you are unbelievable and funny too. Sometimes it gets that way where you have to shut everything out, even simple things like cleaning, or bible study, or even having a chat with your dad. I probably would have done the same thing as you.’

    I’ve been good, just super busy. I’m finally working full-time as a Paraprofessional. The pay is not great, but atleast I have benefits, so I’m grateful. And I’m off in summers and holidays. The awesome part is I’ve interviewed at 6 schools, got 5 no’s and 1 yes, at the school I was already working at, had relationships established, and knew the building well, lol. I actually have my own classroom and have decorated it really cute and really organized. Ummm, enough about work….I love driving…..I’ve lost 10 lbs…..I’ve met some cool new people here…..And I’m still waiting for my hubby……….. I’m definitely in another season of transition spirtitually. Waiting on God for so many promises. Trying to live pure in an impure world. Trying to live holy, and sanctified in a place not so holy. I think I’m doing a pretty good job! Lol

    Anywho, I really gotta run, I’m reading a test to some students in the middle of typing this. :)

    I love you KIm, I love you blog family! I miss yall soooo much!. I love you Debbie, and Tamara, and the other Kim!!!!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Kristian!!!!! You always make me smile. :) So thankful that you were glad to see the blog post. Oh, and I should’ve said this in the main post. We canceled bible study at church for September, but my personal bible study time continued. There was no way I could forsake that just to write. It would’ve had the opposite effect, drawing me away from the Lord. Just wanted that to be clear. :)

      CONGRATULATIONS on your new job! I love that you got a position in your same school, where relationships were established. Must mean God wanted you to keep being a Diva for Christ where you were. :) I thought it was so cute that you decorated your class too! “Trying to live pure in an impure world. Trying to live holy, and sanctified in a place not so holy”….AWESOME! Truly. Praise God for your commitment to pursue Him. You don’t have to wait on God for that…He’s giving you abundant grace right now to even have that desire. He’s so faithful. Love you too, sis!

    • Geri Brown says:

      Hi Kim and my “colorful family”!!! It has been a month of Sundays since I’ve been on the blog and I confess that I miss you all!

      Kim, I was looking up a scripture on my phone when your email notification came through and I thought the same as many, “What a pleasent surprise!” Congratulations on completing another masterpiece! Your post has truly blessed me and I concur with Debbie; when I read, “Writing became worship as I stopped to praise…” I had to take a moment myself and praice God for His Providence and His strategies. He is is awesome even in the midst of what we believe is chaos. Life for me too has been C-R-A-Z-Y but beautiful at the same time, because I’m learning how to be longsuffering, patient, kind, gentle…. etc.

      I can’t wait to add your book to my collection! Blessings

      • Kim Cash Tate says:

        Hey Geri!!! I know, it’s been too long! So glad you stopped by and so thankful for your encouraging words. I LOVE this….”He is is awesome even in the midst of what we believe is chaos.” The way you said, “what we believe is chaos”… true! We’re looking at chaos and God is looking at it like it’s no big deal because He can speak one word, and it’s changed. I love how you always see the God-side of what’s going on….”I’m learning how to be longsuffering, patient, kind, gentle…” You exude such peace in your posts, and I’m thankful you’re part of this colorful family. Blessings to you too, sis!

    • Deborah (Debbie) says:

      Bless you Kristian! so excited to hear about your job. Oh, I hope you enjoy it. Working with young hearts and minds is a ministry and don’t let anyone tell you different. I pray that God grows you and blesses you in this and that He gives you a love for those young lives that surprises and blesses you. May He shine through you without a word if necessary.

      I am praying you enjoy this season of life with you and God and that you will not be eager for it to change to another season but that you will be filled up with all the blessings God has for you in this (both professionally and personally).


    • Danielle says:

      Hi Kristian! That is so awesome about the job – kids today DEFINITELY need the influence of a loving, caring educator like you. We will NEVER understand or know the depth of how we affect the young students that cross our paths….God is powerful and will use you in ways you cannot even imagine. Keep fighting the good fight, girl – I’ve been there and it’s hard but SO worth it!! Praying for you and hugging you from afar!!!

    • Geri Brown says:

      Please forgive my posy on Kristian’s post. I’ve been away too long (smile)

      Hi Kristian! Congratulations on your new job! Although the pay may not be where you desire it at ts time, but I pray you receive all that God has I store for you while you are in this season of your life.

    • Tamara Davis says:

      Congratulations Kristian!

  6. Tamara Davis says:

    WOW!!!! That truly sounds like being in labor. LOL I appreciate everything you’ve poured out into this story and I haven’t even read it yet. LOL

    My life has not been crazy but eventful. I am grateful to God for returning my focus back to my desire of allowing Him to use me as an example of how full our lives can be with Him. I used to be a woman who had no desire to do certain things or have certain things because I didn’t have a husband. The Lord reminded me in this season that He is my everything and what a beautiful, full life I can have in Him. I want to let His light shine through me so that other women can see and know it’s ALL possible through Him.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Tamara!!! This is soooo beautiful–> “The Lord reminded me in this season that He is my everything and what a beautiful, full life I can have in Him”….there’s so much PEACE and CONTENTMENT in that. So much BEAUTY in that. That’s what an abundant life is about. In Christ, it can’t help but be an abundant life. We tend to feel we need so much else, but JESUS alone….He’s enough. I’m so thrilled for you to be walking in this place. You are growing in marvelous ways, girl! It’s beautiful to see. You don’t have to worry about “letting” your light shine. The light IS shining. :) May the Lord continue the wondrous work He’s doing in you. Blessings, sis!

    • Deborah (Debbie) says:

      Tamara. Yes!!!!

  7. Kara says:

    Yay!!!! I am so excited for you! Hope you get to enjoy a nice time of vacation soon! It is a little hectic over here…I am actually taking a break from answering a mid term essay to say hi to you and the blog fam!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Kara!!! So good to “see” you over here….and I’m glad I get to see you (and your hair) on Instagram from time to time too! :) Mid-term essay? Are you in school, and did I know that?? Wishing you well with that. Blessings, sis!

  8. Catrina says:

    What an absolute treat to receive your email today! I have truly missed your encouraging nuggets, but it looks as though God has had you on His Mission. He sure does show up in the midnight hour doesn’t? Just when you were ready to call it a day, he filled you with overflow, and you even got a song out of it!! You will have to share it one day. I would definitely download a single or album (hint, hint) :-).

    I feel honored that you though about your blog family right after you hit send. I am looking forward to reading this “Worship” piece. All of your books have touched me and so many others. Cleary, God has something else for us!

    As far as what I have been up to? BUSY BUSY BUSY!! I have been praying for a promotion (in God’s time) and my manager approached me recently and expressed that she wanted to groom me for management, (A position that I have been saying no to for a long time, because of the headache that comes with it). But as I have been praying, I had to realize that God is giving me the desires of my heart and I can’t turn down his blessing that he is preparing for me. So I have taken on more responsibility and have been wearing several hats. Some days it feels as though there is not enough time in a day. But at the end of the day, I know he will equip me for the job that he has called me to do and I will patiently wait for my promotion :-)

    Welcome back!! Blessings!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Catrina!! I so smiled when I saw your post….it’s been a while! Oh, yes, “late in the midnight hour” as Fred Hammond says in one of my favorite songs. :) But wait, let me clarify about the song. He didn’t give me a *new* song…He put a song (that already exists) in my head for a scene, which I hadn’t considered. I got up to listen to it, and was in tears because it was perfect, and ended up tying into one of the latter chapters as well. Only God. :)

      What a blessing, Catrina, that your manager wants to groom you for management! She clearly sees something in you, and even wants to help you get to the next level. That’s awesome! May the Lord’s will be done and may His grace be plenty as you take on that added responsibility. “…and I will patiently wait…”….we’re all there with *something*, aren’t we?

      Blessings to you, sis!

    • Tamara Davis says:

      Congratulations Catrina! Above only!

  9. Stephanie says:

    Oh boy. This gave me so much peace today! Thank you so much for being willing to share this, Kim. For a few years now, I’ve felt like God put writing on my heart, even had it confirmed in a prophetic word from a pastor who knew nothing about me, but as time goes on and I haven’t found success or zeroed in on the ‘right’ story, I’ve gotten to feeling like my efforts are a waste of time. Did I hear God wrong? Am I just running on a hamster wheel? If He wants me to write, then shouldn’t I at least have an agent by now? But every time I’m ready to throw in the towel, some small good thing happens to make me stick with it for a little bit longer. Today, you were that small good thing. :)

    In my mind, when God has blessed your writing, it’s easy and quick and smooth all the time. And it’s very clear that your writing (which I LOVE and actually gave me the courage to switch out of traditional YA and try my hand at Christian fiction but that’s a whole other story) has been blessed. So to read that you had trouble writing your latest novel gave me so much hope that maybe my struggle isn’t a sign that I’m just on the wrong path altogether.

    I feel like I’m still not capturing exactly what I mean, or how much this blog meant to me, but my take home point is this: Thank you. Your words today have inspired and encouraged me to stick with the dream. You’ve given me hope for what might still be God’s plan for me.

    • Danielle says:

      Stephanie, I loved your comment, especially this: “I feel like I’m still not capturing exactly what I mean, or how much this blog meant to me, but my take home point is this: Thank you.”

      Yes, yes, yes…..

      Blessings on your endeavor and praying that God paves the way miraculously as you follow HIS dream for you!!! :)

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Stephanie!! Aw, wow, this kinda blew me away. :) It’s interesting that I wrote this post late Monday night, and I was so tired after pushing to get the manuscript turned in. But I was moved to write it, and prayed to simply write from the heart. But honestly, I didn’t think it would necessarily provide encouragement for anyone, if that makes sense. :) I’m so thankful God used the post to give you peace! And noooo, writing is never easy and quick and smooth, at least not for me (and lots of other authors I know). With most of my books, I’m praying, waiting, praying, waiting….it always comes together much closer to the deadline than I would like. It’s just that this time was CRAZY close to the deadline. And writing is just plain hard work. It’s demanding and time-consuming. Prayer is a HUGE part of the process. So I definitely encourage you to keep praying for God’s direction and timing. Pray for clarity. Pray for God to re-direct, if need be. As you pray for His will, you can trust that He will establish it.

      I praise God for using this post as your “small good thing” today. :) I love how He does that. May His every purpose for you be established. Blessings, sis!

  10. Danielle says:

    Hi all! Kim…..I *loved* this post. I *love* you! :) Thank you for sharing your heart for God and how He moves you so deeply. It was beautiful, and I cannot wait to read the new book!!!!! I love those moments when God speaks to us and there is nothing we can do but cry tears of love, praise, and joy. Amen!!

    Now, here in Chicago, I am literally experiencing the meaning of “there are not enough hours in the day”…LOL. But I am well – at least Jaden is sleeping through the night! :)

    Love you, Kim, and all my sisters here!!!!!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Danielle!!! Aww, over here smiling….I *love* you too! Amen – those MOMENTS….and they are unmistakable, undeniable MOMENTS. PRECIOUS moments. There’s nothing like hearing from God and knowing it’s God. “…and there is nothing we can do but cry tears of love, praise, and joy”….NOTHING. :)

      So Jaden is sleeping through the night already?? Awesome….that makes a slightly huge difference in one’s day (and night). :) So sweet to be able to cuddle with him and love on him in those “not enough hours.” I’m sure I’ve said to treasure this time (with both little ones), and I’m saying it again. With two teens, I’m constantly marveling at where the time went. I still don’t know! lol You’re in the midst of a very special season. Enjoy it to the FULL.

      Love you, my sister!

    • Tamara Davis says:

      *waving really fast, in my most precious southern voice* Hiiiiiii Shuga!!!!!!!!!!! So good to see you!!! Girl lemme hug yo’ neck! (If you ever visited anyone down in the country, this is exactly what you’d get)

  11. Tanya says:

    Girrl, I am ecstatic to see this post! And to know that you turned in your manuscript too! As I was reading I thought, I can’t believe how the Lord brings ideas to you at what seems like the last minute! Talkin’ ’bout ‘late in the midnight hour!” That is so encouraging to anyone who’s “waitin’ on God.” Can’t wait to devour #HiddenBlessings

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Girrl, you know this is what happens every time! lol Except this was soooo much more. It was easy back when I was leisurely writing Heavenly Places (as in, no deadline) and was able to send it to you a year and a half or two years after I started. I remember you were the first to read anything I’ve written. :) Now that there’s a deadline, I don’t have time to send you anything beforehand….lol Amen….a definitely life lesson in waitin’ on God.

  12. MrsTrip98 says:

    My life?? …absolutely crazy until I realized that I am just the vessel through which He works. When I thought I was the master writer of my life and my plan, God had to show me that he had already authored it all. He knew that I would choose his path so he already created my plan accordingly. Beforehand, I was like the Headless Horseman (yes, that scary) galloping around putting things into motion before consulting with the true Master. When the outcome turned out less than desirable, I often wondered what went wrong.

    I am so happy that your hidden blessing came through right on time for the finished work which I am sure will be a blessing for us, your readers. Get some rest, sis…

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey MrsTrip!! :) I’ve missed seeing you over on YouTube….it’s one of the things I’m looking forward to catching up with. YES, I love that God is the AUTHOR of our lives. We surely would plan out all kinds of stuff in our own flesh, but I too am thankful that God already has a plan. All we have to do is seek Him. There may be a lot of waiting in the process:)…but He is faithful to lead us. Thanks so much for your encouragement, sis. I still haven’t caught up on rest, but that’s my goal this weekend! :)

  13. Brenda says:

    Hi Kim & blog family!!! So excited about “Hidden Blessings” Looking forward to being blessed by this one just as I have your other novels.

    “But something happened in that month of September.  God showed up.” Isn’t that just like God to show up at the 11th hr? He just poured & poured into you to pour into us. Your novels minister so much to us that you know it’s only Him using you and this blog to minister to one another. You’re more of a blessing than you could ever know. This is a reminder that just because things aren’t flowing or if the road is bumpy, doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong road. He ALWAYS shows up!!!

    Thanks for the reminder Kim!!!! Love you!!!!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Brenda!!! I had to stop and give thanks to God when I read this. Your words of encouragement mean so much. I praise God that anything I write could minister to someone else. It boggles my mind….truly. So thank you. This entire process of waiting and praying and stressing is worth it if God uses this book to minister to someone. “This is a reminder that just because things aren’t flowing or if the road is bumpy, doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong road”….AMEN! We keep praying in the midst, and if that’s where we’re supposed to be, we have to trust that the Lord’s purpose is being accomplished. He is faithful! Love you too, sis!

  14. Tamarria says:

    This was so needed for me at this moment. I’ve known for a while now that writing was something that I was supposed to do – and it had to include GOD! No exceptions! I’ve started many novels only to leave them unfinished and forgotten. Two years ago I began a novel that I had so much passion for. I just knew this was the one. Needless to say, it is still unfinished. However, lately GOD has been doing some amazing things in my life recently concerning my dream to write. While walking my children to school I met a published author who encouraged me to push toward my goals. I’ve received several supportive messages from friends out of the blue, telling me to actively pursue my dreams. I could no longer ignore what GOD was trying to tell me. With all the challenges that come with writing, I plan on completing my first novel by November, and with no idea of how I will get published, I have faith that only GOD will provide the way. I’m so excited for you and thank you for sharing, not only the good times, but also the struggles that you have endured. GOD bless you Kim!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Tamarria!! I’m truly praising God for the way this post is providing encouragement to others, in particular in the area of writing. Writing is definitely a PROCESS….for me, prayer is the biggest part of that process. (And like you said, no exceptions to God being included! :)) If you’re seeking God every step of the way and walking in His will, rest and trust that He will guide you. It sounds cliche, but it’s true. Even if you have unfinished novels, it doesn’t mean you didn’t learn as you were writing the part you wrote….and you never know when God might tell you to pick it back up and finish. Meanwhile, yes, pay attention to those moments of encouragement when He puts someone in your path. Pay attention to those moments when you feel His hand upon you to pick it back up and keep moving. When I wrote my first novel, I prayed A LOT because I didn’t have time to write (I was homeschooling), and I didn’t want to waste the time I had. Be willing for God to redirect you if need be. Put everything on the table. Then you’ll KNOW it’s God when it comes through. I’m excited for you as well and looking forward to hearing what God does with your writing! Blessings to you, sis!

  15. Tamara Davis says:

    There is so much encouragement here and wow, I have really missed this place! I know I’ve commented already but I felt like poking my head back in. :)

    I know you often say that my light shines but you all have no idea how much “I” get refreshed when I refresh you all. When there is no post, I have nowhere to “pour”. So yes, I am very excited that this is here and that it’s encouraging the would be writers in the family *looking at myself*. LOL Ladies, your writing is your net. Cast it!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      So glad you poked your head back in! :) Wow, this really struck me….”When there is no post, I have nowhere to ‘pour’”….it’s such a blessing that you *want* to pour. AND, it’s a blessing that you liberally pour HERE. So I just have to pray for posts so you can pour…:) I’m excited as well that would-be writers like yourself are encouraged by this. Only God would know that that would be a purpose in posting it. I’m praising Him!

      • Tamara Davis says:

        Kim, when I “pour” here, this scripture comes to life for me: “Proverbs 11:25 25 The generous soul will be made rich, And he who waters will also be watered himself.” I get so refreshed when the Lord speaks a word of encouragement to me to speak into someone else’s life. It’s like I come alive because I can discern the life they are receiving from the Holy Spirit. So yes, I will pour liberally and go back to Him for more to pour!

  16. Melinda Lancaster says:


    So good to hear your voice (read your words). Yes life has been crazy. No, what you experienced while writing this book doesn’t sound crazy. It sounds like you’ve been schooled by Good in the process.

    I look forward to reading the message Good spoke through you. And I’m thankful for your discipline and obedience to Him.


    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Melinda!!! (not sure how I missed this….sorry!) So good to hear your voice too! :) I was definitely taken to school in this writing process, way more than usual. I love how God teaches us continually. Thanks so much for your kindness and encouragement. It’s amazing how God gives an extra measure of discipline when you need it! Hugs to you too, my dear friend. :)

  17. Cheryl B. says:

    Hey Kim,

    I was so blessed and stired in my spirit as I read your blog. I, totally, get how you could be ministered to by writing what could only come from above. I think this is the quickest that you’ve ever written a book. I know you said you started it the first of the year, but, you started over for the last time in mid-August. A-mazing God! How awesome is that? That in itself ministers to me…Faithful God; more than able to accomplish…! Oh, it Will speak and it Will accomplish what He’s sending it out to do. So excited about this.

    By the way, YES, my life has been as crazy as yours. We must catch up soon. I miss you, my friend!

    • Cheryl B. says:

      Correction: stirred

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Cheryl! Yes, I think it’s the quickest I’ve written a book too! A-mazing and Awesome God, indeed….and Faithful too! :) I will never cease to be awed by the truth that He is able to accomplish His will. I join you in believing that it will speak and accomplish what He’s sending it out to do. So blessed and encouraged that you stopped by, my friend. We shall catch up soon because I’m greatly looking forward to hearing all that life has entailed on your end (which is EXCITING as well!)! :-)

  18. alli says:

    So nice to hear from you. Glad you didnt give up but there are definatelu seasons for everything. You have to obey the seasons otherwise like they say in the movies the moment passes you by. Thanks for thinking of us, take care of your fam. With the passing of my father and ailing mom and being not married i am realiZing how important family is. You never know how long you have.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      So sorry to hear about the passing of your father and your mom’s illness. May God comfort and strengthen your family. You are so right that you never know how long you have. It might sound weird, but I think of that often. I pray all of us here filter life through an eternal perspective. In trying times, I’m even more thankful for the hope we have in Christ. Blessings to you, sis.

  19. Ashli Upkins says:

    I am still in awe of the fact that God has given you such a gift to write beautiful stories that all point to Him. That’s definitely a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Although I don’t respond often, I think of and pray for you often. I pray that you have been able to rest physically and rest in Him in this season of your life. I am so excited about “Hidden Blessings.” I know it will minister to so many, myself included.
    Life definitely gets crazy, but I’m learning to be joyful in the midst of all of the craziness. I’m learning :)

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Ashli, this truly touched me. To know that you think of and pray for me means so much. Thank you! And thank you for your kind words….they are sweet encouragement to my soul….you have no idea. :) I have definitely been trying to REST, both physically and in Him. Rest is wonderful! And speaking of physical rest, how are you doing over there with your little one? :) I smile whenever I see pictures of your family on Instagram. Praying all is well and so uplifted that you stopped by. Blessings to you and yours!

  20. Brandy says:

    Mrs. Kim Cash Tate. Sister, let me tell you that we serve an AMAZING GOD! My friend since college was looking for a way for all us to stay in touch so she suggested that we start a book club. Now I live in Cleveland, and she lives in Columbus so she sent me a copy of your book Faithful I got it Wednesday, October 30, 2013, I started reading it October 31, and I finished it today, November 1. The only reason I didn’t finish it yesterday is because of work and I had to go to sleep. I love Jesus and love this book He used to write, it was simply a work of art. Thank you for writing it and being obedient to the Spirit of God that lives in you. I pray God blesses you in a mighty way for the things you stirred up in my soul. I can’t wait to read your other books.

    Your sister in Christ,

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hey Brandy! Wow, I’m smiling at your comment! YES, we serve and AMAZING GOD!! First, please tell your friend I’m so THANKFUL that she chose Faithful for your book club….what a blessing! And I’m especially thankful that you loved it! Hearing that God used it to stir things up in your soul is incredible, and an answer to prayer. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share this with me….I’m truly encouraged. I’ll be buried shortly with editing my current novel, and this gives me fuel to continue to seek the Lord so it will be infused with HIs grace. I know it was only HIM who caused you to be moved by the book. Blessings to you, sis!

  21. Valerie says:

    I wandered to your blog tonight in a way that I now know was in no way happenstance. I’m quite familiar with your blog although I’ve never commented, because I greatly enjoy your work.

    Reading your words about your difficult writing process this go ’round was so encouraging to me. My dream is to be an author and yet, although I write constantly, every time I sit to begin working on a book, it’s as though the words just won’t come out. Tears came to my eyes as I read the way you shut everything out, listening for the Father’s guidance with a constant awareness that you simply can’t do it without Him. Writing became worship and God met you in that place. I can do that. And because I can do that, I feel a renewed assurance that I can do what God has called for me to do.

    I’m so encouraged. And I couldn’t do you the injustice of keeping that to myself. Thanks, Kim


    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hi Valerie! First, I’m blessed that you stopped by the blog. I never know who’s reading it, so I enjoy meeting new faces. :) So thankful that you were encouraged by the post and feel a renewed assurance. Trust me….if God has called you to do this, He WILL do it….it just doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. ;-) I encourage you to keep seeking Him, keep worshiping:) and keep believing. I’m looking forward to an update from you as to how God moves. Blessings to you, sis, and looking forward to connecting more!

  22. Yay! I am so excited for you! What an amazing story, huh? I love hearing how God has been working in you and I can’t wait to read your next novel.

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Thanks so much, Heather! Your encouragement is always such a blessing to me. I’ll begin editing very soon, so I pray it at least becomes an amazing story….:D

  23. Moniquea says:

    Hi Kim,

    Congratulations and I can’t wait to read this story!! I’m sure we’ll all enjoy it. The best things in life don’t come easy! I still haven’t finished my copy of, The Color of Hope, but plan to put everything down and do it over Thanksgiving Break (I’m a teacher and life gets CRAZY sometimes). I still remember the day I walked into my local Christian bookstore and God led me to Faithful. I’ve been along for the ride since that day! Thank you for being an inspiration to me as I continue to grow in my spiritual life.

    Also, congrats on the BIG CHOP!! I remember watching the video and your hair has grown so much! It’s beautiful. I think I may be ready for a 2nd one myself. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world though!

    Many blessings!!

    • Kim Cash Tate says:

      Hi Moniquea! Thanks so much for the congrats, and I’m smiling at the fact that God led you to Faithful in the Christian bookstore. I know that feeling of being led to a certain book in the bookstore, but it blows my mind that God would lead someone to *my* book. :) So thankful that you’ve been along for the ride since that day! I pray The Color of Hope blesses you as you finish it.

      And thanks for the BIG CHOP congrats! :) So you did it too? I’m leaning in as if we’re talking over coffee, wondering when you did it and how it looks now…lol I’m having fun learning more about my hair and experimenting with styles….loving the journey! Many blessings to you too, sis!