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February 8, 2009

mediabannerI would love for you to join me on Periscope, where I’ve been broadcasting live with morning devotions (#devoscope) since July 2015.

What is Periscope? It’s a fairly new social media platform that allows people to “go live” and interact with viewers. To tune in, simply download the free Periscope app (on iOS and Android) and signup for an account with your Twitter account or phone number. You can also watch a broadcast via the web at, though you can’t interact.

If you’re unable to catch a broadcast live, Periscope makes them available for 24 hours. Curious what this all looks like? My broadcasts are archived here:

This is what I love about Periscope—real time interaction! People join in and type comments that I see on my phone, and we dialogue back and forth. Viewers can also direct comments to one another.   And in that real time interaction, sisters are real. We talk about a variety of issues we face as believers, with truth and guidance from the Word of God. It makes for dynamic discussion and an awesome time of encouragement and connection.

What I also love about Periscope is that you see people in a dimension you can’t otherwise see them on social media. There are no filters and no edits. As for me—ahem—I keep it real by scoping after I workout. So, not only are my words unedited—my face and hair might be unedited as well. You’ve been forewarned.

Come join us! My handle on Periscope (and everywhere) is @kimcashtate.



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